Road Kings Show Appreciation For Police, Fire Departments

Over hot dogs loaded with whatever one’s palette desired, it was a day to see and catch up with friends, many for the first time in over a year. It was a day to share memories, provide updates, and express hope that the near future will bring more such gatherings. But, most importantly, it was a day for the Road Kings of Burbank to show their thanks and appreciation to the men and women of the city’s police and fire departments.
With a caravan of close to 100 vintage vehicles, the local car enthusiasts staged a caravan that weaved its way through the city as a rolling drive-by car show, stopping by Burbank fire stations from the hillside down to the city’s western border last Saturday.
“Because we weren’t able to do our annual car show fundraiser at Johnny Carson Park, we wanted to do something, and we felt it was appropriate to do an event that would let our safety service personnel know how we feel — how appreciative we are that they are always there for us,” said longtime Road Kings member Don Baldaseroni. “We wanted to do something to honor them, and it made us feel great to see them outside of their stations, waving, giving us the thumbs up sign and a salute with their sirens as we drove by.”
Road Kings President Bruce Borst said he was thrilled to be able to put on an event like this during his watch.

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Family Promise ‘Rattles’ in Fundraiser at Starlight Bowl

Photos by David Laurell
Family Promise bestowed their 2021 Impact Award upon Charles “Chuck” Cusumano, who was joined by family members including his wife Tracy, and sister-in-law and brother Evelyn and Roger Cusumano.

This past week, Burbank’s Verdugo Mountains shook, rattled and rolled.
It wasn’t the type of shaking, rattling and rolling that had Burbakers dropping, covering, holding on, and then checking their phones for the epicenter and magnitude. Instead, it was the type that rocked the hills with the sound of music – specifically the music from the early days of rock ‘n’ roll.
While the Starlight Bowl has not hosted an evening of music since August of 2019 due to the pandemic, last week the city allowed the bowl’s parking lot to serve as the venue for a 1950s “drive-in” concert staged as a fundraiser for the Burbank-based Family Promise of the Verdugos, an organization committed to helping local homeless families achieve lasting independence.

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