Flintridge Bookstore Hosts Halloween Book Signing

Flintridge Bookstore will host a meet-and-greet book signing for author
Antoinette Corley-Newman’s first children’s picture book, “Trick or Treat: The Story of How the Switch Witch Came To Be,” on Saturday, Oct. 16, from 1-3 p.m.
A portion of the sales will go to Grace Gives, the charitable organization founded by the author’s children.
Corley-Newman, a clinical psychologist, “has channeled her expertise and knowledge into a book that takes readers on a magical journey toward self-discovery,” the bookstore said in a statement. Continue reading “Flintridge Bookstore Hosts Halloween Book Signing”

Guild’s Autumn Classic Benefit Dinner Is Oct. 2

The Flintridge La Cañada Guild of Huntington Hospital will host the Autumn Classic Ringside Benefit Dinner, featuring the $25,000 Grand Prix Horse Show, at the Flintridge Riding Club on Saturday, Oct. 2. Dinner tickets can be purchased at FlintridgeHorseShow.com.
“As with 2020, the decision to postpone our annual Flintridge Horse Show last spring was very difficult, but the guild is excited for the opportunity to host a benefit dinner this fall and optimistic in planning for a robust return of the iconic Horse Show April 28-May 1, 2022, celebrating the 100th anniversary,” a spokesperson said. Continue reading “Guild’s Autumn Classic Benefit Dinner Is Oct. 2”