John Burroughs High School Celebrates With Virtual Ceremony

John Burroughs High School’s recent 2020 graduation looked different than in years past.
Rather than gathering on campus, students made small celebratory videos in their living rooms and backyards. Principal Deborah Madrigal gave her speech to a camera, instead of to a crowd of graduates. And when the class moved their tassels from the right side of their cap to the left, there was no deafening cheer, no waves of applause.
But despite the constraints placed on the school’s celebration by the coronavirus and the health guidelines it had forced, students, professors and staff still found a platform to honor the graduates’ achievements through a virtual format on May 21. And on there, many familiar details — the turning of the tassel, the heartfelt speeches, the grins of students — were on full display.
This year’s event, held virtually with a two-hour recording, also included a video message from actor Clint Howard, who graduated from Burroughs in 1977. Howard noted many students had expressed frustration when they learned their in-person graduation was being canceled, but he encouraged them to “go with the flow.”
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