That Sinking Feeling on Hillard in LCF

Photo by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK A sinkhole caused some consternation on Memorial Day weekend for residents on Hillard Avenue.
Photo by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK
A sinkhole caused some consternation on Memorial Day weekend for residents on Hillard Avenue.

Christina Bond felt it was a little dramatic even suggesting it, but she was right: That dip in the asphalt and the sound of rushing water were indications that a sinkhole was opening up in front of her home in the 4700 block of Hillard Avenue.
The sinkhole — which expanded to about 10 feet by 5 feet — appeared Sunday, May 28, after residents noticed they felt a dip as they drove along their street. Continue reading “That Sinking Feeling on Hillard in LCF”

PCR Students Yield to Crossing Guard’s Personality

Who doesn’t love their crossing guard?
“I think all crossing guards are personable,” said Evelyn Harris, who is a member of the fluorescent tribe that offer safe passage to students and accompanying pedestrians. “They’re not in it to get rich; they’re in it because they enjoy the socialization and doing something good for kids.”

Photo by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK Evelyn Harris makes crossing the street a special experience for about 70 Palm Crest Elementary students; she even had a small end-of-the-school-year gift ready for each of them this week.
Photo by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK
Evelyn Harris makes crossing the street a special experience for about 70 Palm Crest Elementary students; she even had a small end-of-the-school-year gift ready for each of them this week.

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Local Girl Scout Earns Gold Award

Brittany Lerian

La Cañada High School junior Brittany Lerian created a K9 Tribute for the Glendale Police Department. Through donations from family, friends and community members, she purchased a black granite slab and a life-size bronze statue of a German Shepard. She had the granite sandblasted, inscribed with “Glendale Police K9 Tribute,” a Glendale Police Department K9 badge and the K9 prayer. It was recently mounted on a wall the department’s lobby.
Lerian has had a long relationship with the department, as her father is a retired Glendale Police officer. As a young girl, she developed close relationships with several of the department’s K9s. Lerian has been a Girl Scout for 11 years.

Sleepy Heads Win; LCUSD Votes for Later Start of School Day

Set your alarm later next year if you’re a student at either La Cañada High School or LCHS 7/8.
At a special meeting Tuesday, the La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board voted unanimously to start the school day at 8:30 a.m. for the 2017-18 school year, a departure from the current 7:45 a.m. first-period start time. The school day will end at 3:14 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and at 3:13 p.m. during Wednesday and Thursday block schedules. Continue reading “Sleepy Heads Win; LCUSD Votes for Later Start of School Day”

Spanish Class Tradition Cooks Up Paella

Photo courtesy Marian Price
Marian Price chats with students Clara Kakuk, Grace Li, Stephanie Yu, Audrey Chen and Sonia Bashkaran.

Marian Price’s advanced placement Spanish class works very hard every year and 100% of the students pass their official A.P. test, usually with 4’s and 5’s. “As a gesture to their efforts and also seeking some bonding in the group, I organize this annual paella get-together and cook paella (typical Spanish dish from Valencia, Spain) for them and in their presence. I started this tradition in the year 2001 when I found out that my students didn’t know what paella was. Since then I have been doing it every year. Sometimes, I feel like quitting, but the word-of-mouth tradition prevents me from doing it. There is always the student who asks in class: ‘When is the paella party going to happen?’ They all look forward to it.”

To Local 8th-Grader, Awards Are Music to Her Ears

Sydney Wang

Fourteen-year-old Sydney Wang, an 8th-grader at La Cañada High School, is an aspiring composer studying with professor Ian Krouse of the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. Her works have won top prizes in national and international competitions for young composers, including the Robert Avalon International Competition for her piano solo composition and the 65th annual BMI Student Composer award for her symphonic work “Tales From the Sea.” Her orchestral work “Moonlit River” was recently performed by the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra.
In addition to music compositions, Wang studies piano with Mina Perry and has won many awards in piano competitions in Southern California, including Southern California Junior Bach Festival, Southwestern Youth Music Festival, Los Angeles Young Pianist Competition, Kathryn Gawartin Chopin Piano Competition, CAPMT Contemporary Music Competition and Glendale Piano Competition. She plays piano in the chamber program of the Colburn School and her piano trio group was featured in Sundays Live at LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art). Wang is also the assistant principal cellist in the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra.

LCHS Class of 2017 is College Bound

By Brent Kuszyk
La Cañada Unified
Governing Board Member

Brent Kuszyk
Brent Kuszyk

The future looks bright for our La Cañada High School class of 2017 graduates. With a graduating class of 334, the students are spreading their wings throughout California, across the United States and the world. Of the 315 graduates who reported matriculating to a college, 62% are staying in California while the remaining 38% are heading to 29 states as well as to France, England, Canada and South Korea. Twenty-two percent will be attending two-year colleges with Pasadena City College the highest attendance at 46 students. Continue reading “LCHS Class of 2017 is College Bound”

Year in Review: Sports Highlights


The fall athletic season began with controversy but ended on a positive note for the La Cañada High School varsity football program. Former Los Angeles Loyola running back Drake Beasley transferred to LCHS during the summer but was ruled ineligible to play by the CIF Southern Section, but second-year head coach Ryan Zerbel didn’t allow that to become a distraction as he guided the Spartans to a 6-4 season, including stunning 28-13 victory over rival San Marino in the final week of the regular season, snapping a five-game losing streak over the Titans.

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LCHS Student Uses Elusive Starry Sky to Shine

Photo courtesy Justin Hyon
“Searching Upward,” by Justin Hyon, won the California County Educational Technology Consortium’s California Streaming photo contest.

Justin Hyon trekked out to Death Valley to get away from people and turn his camera’s focus to nature, hoping “to escape my comfort zone in city life and see what the unexplored world was like.”
The La Cañada High School sophomore was, at least initially, disappointed. The place was packed with tourists. Determined to distance himself from the crowds, Hyon made his way out at sunset. He explained what happened next in a short essay that accompanied his winning photograph — “Searching Upward” — in the California County Educational Technology Consortium’s California Streaming photo contest.
“I walked out to Badwater Basin, the lowest point in North America, to take sunset pictures,” he wrote. “However, I had not anticipated how fast the sun would set, and my dad and I were soon lost in completely moonless darkness with only one flashlight, miles into the featureless black basin.
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College Decision Day at LCHS

Photo courtesy Sonja Bradley
LCHS seniors celebrated Decision Day last week, showing off their colleges of choice including (front row, from left) Russel Dea, Scott Krugler, Katy Paynter, Tati Safarian, Annette Figueroa, Sarah Sarkissian, Alexi Nazarian and Sabrina Patao. Second row: Zach Ling, Tyler Borland, Seve Rodriguez, Elyse Reed, Emin Baghdassarians, Anisa Patel, Raina Chen, Ella Quinn, Mary Alex Daniels, Nate Rowe, Haley Ragusa, Ari Aghadjanians and Justin Huynh. Third row: Arsen Tujian, Luke Bonham, Andrew Aghadjanians, Jake Stolmack, Lauren Trujillo, Armand Manookian, Andrew Lai, Katherine Lu, Camille Rivett, Camille Grases, Nyree Khachikyan, Lily Cho, Cassandra Bridges and Jessy Sitaramya. Fourth row: Caitlin Aenlle Rocha, Celine Cano Ruiz, Annie Shaverdian, Francesca Sigismundo, Carlin Hardy, Grace Rickert, Vivian Kambe, Darcy Brakeman, Sydney Okland, Meghan Henry, Leeona Jones, Hannah Johnson, Shayna Goldstein, Amanda Laughon, Kylie Smith, Abby Au, Sarah Lam, Charlotte Marston, Tyler Rubendall, Summer Lichtenburg, Reece Damron, Alexa Tarui, Gavin Boyack, Amelia Bergen, Megan Bergen, Ali Navarro, Linus Jones, Kendall Winnaman, Maggie Rouleau, Claire Chapman, Luke Johnson, Lauren O’Brien, Mirena Munich, Taylor Post, Natalie Petrosian, Theo Chamberlain, Sean Brenot, John Monroe, Kayla Eremita, Sam Adida, Alexis Labrinos and Charlotte Strasburg. Fifth row: Connor Thomas, Kyle Yasuda, Stephanie Musso, Avani Johnson, Tomas Tuszynski, Sasha Vilesov, Richard Fierro, David, Chris Motilla, Chaz Zuker, Dane Reeb, Kate Bonham, Jenna Kaufman, Sean Segal, Charlie Reynolds, Zoe Williams, Andrew Gray, Kristina Kurdoghlian and Emma Stroben. Back: Cole Stewart, Jo-z Harb, Jack Rappard, David Bader, Eric Issakhanian, Gabi Yun, Jackson Slater, Daniel McGowin, Gillian Arnold, Kara Bradley, Miles Dunbar, Tyler Jacinto, Robby Smith and Justin Kouyoumdjian.