Measure LCF: What You Should Consider – Vote NO

By Ted Brown
Special to the Outlook

How can anyone be opposed to a school bond? Well, a hundred million here and a hundred million in interest can add up to real money. Check our website for some background information on these bonds:
Most voters didn’t know about this school bond proposal until they got their sample ballots and saw signs around town. But this is a major proposal: $149 million in bonds, with a cost of $268.2 million to pay them back with interest. This money will be owed by every property owner in La Cañada and will appear on property tax bills for 30 years. Bonds are not free money. Continue reading “Measure LCF: What You Should Consider – Vote NO”

Measure LCF: What You Should Consider – Vote YES

By Josh Epstein and Stephanie Fossan
Special to the Outlook

On Nov. 7 you will have the opportunity to vote yes for Measure LCF. This ballot measure will provide funds to upgrade and modernize classrooms and infrastructure at each of the LCUSD campuses — Palm Crest, Paradise Canyon and La Cañada Elementary Schools, as well as La Cañada High School and 7/8. We believe this measure represents an incredible opportunity for the future of our district and are pleased that it is supported by a broad coalition of La Cañada parents, business leaders, seniors and civic leaders. Continue reading “Measure LCF: What You Should Consider – Vote YES”

Candidates Deliver Pitches for LCUSD School Board Seats

La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board candidates Joe Radabaugh, Joshua Gottheim, Kaitzer Puglia, Dan Jeffries and Christopher Salvo are running for three seats on the Governing Board.

In their own words, La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board candidates Joe Radabaugh, Joshua Gottheim, Kaitzer Puglia, Dan Jeffries and Christopher Salvo describe why they deserve your vote. Three candidates will be elected when voters cast their ballots on Nov. 7.

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La Cañada Wins First League Title Since 2012

The La Cañada High School varsity girls’ volleyball team captured the Rio Hondo League title for the first time since 2012. The championship-winning squad includes Chloe Kerstein (front row, from left), Sophia Bang, Prudence Sum, Elizabeth Gannon and Hailey Belcher. Middle: Maya White, Katherine Albano, Samantha Mayer, Erica Oh and Alexandra Gates. Back: Allison Budde, Emma Aitelli, Emily Weirick, Claire Kevorkian, Natalie Shamilian, Kimberly Callister and Claire Saydah.

Two years ago, Chris Sullivan accepted the position of La Cañada High School varsity girls’ volleyball coach but inherited a team with only two returning players.
“I’ve been rebuilding the past couple of years,” he said. “It was tough, but now the program is in a good spot for this year and the future. A lot of that has to do with the seniors and the leadership they have displayed.”
That leadership made it a goal to bring back the Rio Hondo League championship back to La Cañada, and that mission was finally accomplished when the Spartans defeated host Pasadena Blair in three sets, 25-9, 25-14, 25-4, last week.
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Measure LCF Could Deliver $149 Million to LCUSD

Supporters of the La Cañada Unified School District have been busy the past few weeks, making calls and knocking on doors in an attempt to drum up votes for Measure LCF, the proposed $149 million general obligation bond on the Nov. 7 ballot.
On Election Day, La Cañada Flintridge voters will choose three LCUSD Governing Board members and decide whether to approve the bond, which would fund improvements to the district’s four campuses. Each of the five board candidates supports the measure, as did 65% of prospective voters who responded to a survey conducted earlier this year. It needs 55% voter approval to pass. Continue reading “Measure LCF Could Deliver $149 Million to LCUSD”

FSHA Modernization Plans Pass Muster

Photo by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy President Sister Carolyn McCormack shakes hands with Susan Koleda, the city’s deputy director of community development, after the Planning Commission approved recommending the school’s modernization plans Tuesday.

After five years of discussion, revision and preparation, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy’s campus improvement plans appear primed to move forward following unanimous approval from the La Cañada Flintridge Planning Commission on Tuesday.
All that remains is for the City Council to give the go-ahead for the 86-year-old all-girls Catholic school to begin enacting its modernization plans.
“We started on this journey in 2012,” said Sister Carolyn McCormack, president of FSHA, after commissioners voted 4-0 to approve the plans. “Like all good journeys, there have been many challenges, many moments of concern, but through it all, it’s been an amazing team effort. This will really secure an even better education for our young women as we move beyond the 21st century.” Continue reading “FSHA Modernization Plans Pass Muster”

CEC, LCUSD Celebrate 20 Years Together

CEC 20th anniversary cake

Students across all three La Cañada Unified School District’s elementary school campuses simultaneously celebrated an important anniversary on Friday, partying in honor of the 20-year-old partnership between the Child Educational Center and the district.
Currently, almost 650 LCUSD students are served at three sites, where CEC has instilled its progressive, holistic approach by providing extended care and education from transitional kindergarten through 6th grade. Continue reading “CEC, LCUSD Celebrate 20 Years Together”

Measure LCF Questions Answered

Editor’s note: La Cañada Unified School District Superintendent Wendy Sinnette offers answers in response to eight questions about Measure LCF posed in a letter to the editor published in the Oct. 19 edition of the Outlook.

Wendy Sinnette

A letter posed several good questions about Measure LCF. We believe all local voters should have the information they need to cast an informed vote. Below are the questions posed and answers.

Q. Is there a published list of specific projects that will be funded by Measure LCF?
A. Yes. Measure LCF is the result of a Facility Master Planning process we conducted over the past year. This plan was developed with input from more than 350 parents, teachers, staff, students and community members and was unanimously adopted by the Board of Education at a public meeting in June. This 202-page document, which is available at, includes detailed descriptions, drawings and cost estimates for the projects. A summary of these same projects is also included as an exhibit in the legally binding text of Measure LCF, the full text of which can be found on pages 17 and 18 of the official sample ballot.

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Salvo Sees Funding, Engagement as LCUSD Focus

Christoper Salvo

Since he started campaigning, Christopher Salvo has enjoyed getting to know his neighbors better, people he might have met but hadn’t shared a substantial conversation with — perhaps because they’d never discussed local schools, a subject on which La Cañada Flintridge voters are well-versed.
Salvo, a project manager at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is running for office for the first time. He is one of five candidates for three available La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board seats in the Nov. 7 election. Those elected will serve four-year terms. Continue reading “Salvo Sees Funding, Engagement as LCUSD Focus”

LCHS Student ‘OK’ After Being Hit By Car

A La Cañada High School student was transported by ambulance to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after being struck by a vehicle in the crosswalk at Oak Grove Avenue and Foothill Boulevard before school on Wednesday morning, according to Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Matejka.
Three CV Sheriff’s deputies and personnel from the Pasadena Police Department responded to the incident, which Matejka said caused significant traffic congestion in front of the school. He said a traffic investigation into the cause of the incident is pending. Continue reading “LCHS Student ‘OK’ After Being Hit By Car”