A Hoop of Hope Brightens Lives at Homeless Facility

On a recent afternoon at Door of Hope’s transitional apartment complex, several children who have been left homeless as a result of domestic violence emerged from their living quarters and stepped outside into the fresh air. Many reside here with their mothers and usually don’t venture beyond the building’s walls for security reasons. On this day, though, a surprise awaited them in the facility’s side yard. Continue reading “A Hoop of Hope Brightens Lives at Homeless Facility”

John Naber’s Olympian Task of Inspiring Others

John Naber was a junior in high school when he stepped onto the diving board and began bouncing up and down. The 16-year-old’s coach didn’t care too much for this brand of horseplay, not when the 1972 swim season was scheduled to begin the following day. Naber reluctantly prepared to end the fun by jumping into the water, but couldn’t leap forward because lane lines had already been strung across the pool, including one directly underneath him. So he aimed to the side, unaware that his antics were about to ensure that the wobbly board gave him an extra, unwanted boost. Continue reading “John Naber’s Olympian Task of Inspiring Others”