Mothers’ Club Uplifts Families From All Angles

The year was 1961 when a woman named Mara Moser reached out to the loneliest and most overwhelmed mothers in northwest Pasadena with the hope of bringing them together for friendship and mutual support. Throughout the next half-century, this network expanded to include early childhood programs as well as a parent education department that together aimed to enhance the development of area youth while responding to the needs of families living in isolation and poverty. Continue reading “Mothers’ Club Uplifts Families From All Angles”

Ronald McDonald House: A Home Away From Home

More than 1,000 miles separate Luisa Betancourt and Liliana Sosa from their homes in Mexico as they sit on a couch inside the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House during a recent afternoon. The smiling young girls wear leg braces as a result of the medical treatment they have been receiving across the street at Huntington Hospital, the nearest place that could offer Betancourt and Sosa the proper care for their ailments. But despite traveling all the way from Cabo San Lucas with their mothers, the girls feel right at home under this roof on Pasadena Avenue. Continue reading “Ronald McDonald House: A Home Away From Home”

Local Partnerships Help Prepare PUSD Students

It’s a Sunday morning in August and the Robinson Park Recreation Center on North Fair Oaks Avenue is bustling with activity. Inside the facility’s gymnasium and community room, which have been temporarily outfitted with barber chairs, hundreds of young children start their final day of summer by receiving free haircuts and backpacks filled with school supplies. Known as the Michael Bryant Free Haircut and Back-to-School Event, the program seeks to prepare underserved Pasadena Unified School District students — both academically and physically — for a new year of classes. Continue reading “Local Partnerships Help Prepare PUSD Students”

Pacific Asia Museum Strengthens Historic Foundation

Passersby along Los Robles Avenue between Union Street and Colorado Boulevard may not notice anything too different about the façade of the USC Pacific Asia Museum located on that busy city block. From the outside, the historical mansion built in the style of a Chinese palace stands out much like it has for the past 92 years since its construction. But stroll through its arched entryway guarded by stone dragons and it quickly becomes clear that the facility is an active construction site. Continue reading “Pacific Asia Museum Strengthens Historic Foundation”

Hollywood on Location: Pasadena, Altadena

The following was written by John Gregory, Special to The Outlook.

When motion picture pioneer Thomas Edison dispatched a cameraman and assistant from their New Jersey studio to Southern California to find more light for his six-to-eight-minute documentaries, one of the first stops was the 1898 Rose Parade. The result, “Horticultural Parade,” cost less than $200 per minute in finished product, including cross-country train fares, editing and producing multiple copies for hand-cranked video scopes into which Edison’s customers plunked in their nickels. Continue reading “Hollywood on Location: Pasadena, Altadena”

PCDA Consolidates Care for Children and Families

An idea began to swirl in the mind of developmental pediatrician Dr. Diane Cullinane during the mid-1990s, after she had spent the early part of her career working in what she describes as “big bureaucracies.” Her experience at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center offered important insight into the care of children with disabilities, but she always felt that there were limitations. Continue reading “PCDA Consolidates Care for Children and Families”

Flintridge Prep Student Develops App for AP Biology Test

Hey, pssst. If you’re going to be taking the AP biology test, Ankur Jain will be totally OK with you looking at his work. He won’t even charge you to do it.
No, nobody is cheating here. Jain, a 16-year-old rising senior at Flintridge Prep, has created an app to help students study for the AP bio test. It’s called BioPrep. It’s free. It’s for your iPhone. And it’s catching on in a hurry. Continue reading “Flintridge Prep Student Develops App for AP Biology Test”

Green’s Helping Hand Reaches for CSCP

Ben Green believes the worst words that anyone can hear are “You’ve got cancer.” A doctor once relayed that sobering diagnosis to Green before leaving him alone in the sterile room to process the life-altering news. It was a frightening, lonely experience, one that Green will never forget. Although he eventually beat the affliction, Green’s father did not. Nor did his brother. Some of Green’s best friends lost their battles as well. Continue reading “Green’s Helping Hand Reaches for CSCP”

Club 21 Aims to Make Summer Connections

It’s a Wednesday afternoon in mid-July and a group of teenagers are sauntering across the dance floor at Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena. They practice new routines in pairs, moving from one side of the room to the other as pop music blares, occasionally observing their form in the mirror. Each strut elicits smiles and high-fives from their peers. Although some of these teens have Down syndrome and others do not, there is a natural sense of camaraderie in the shared experience. Continue reading “Club 21 Aims to Make Summer Connections”