$25,000 Needed for ‘Bad Weather Shelter’ to Help Homeless

For those looking to lend a helping hand during the winter months, the Bad Weather Shelter operated by Pasadena-based Friends In Deed is happy to get help making sure local homeless residents have reprieve from harsh nights.
The shelter, which opens for the night as the weather report dictates, could use two things right now: money to run the shelter and disposable supplies, such as plates and utensils, to help feed clients. The organization asks for locals to give whatever they can afford and hopes to raise approximately $25,000 for its potential operations.
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During Holidays, Don’t Get Swindled on Donations

The winter holidays are typically associated with charity and giving back, but people should be aware that for others, it means it’s the season for scamming, as well.
A recent CBS “This Morning” episode urged a word of warning to viewers. By the show’s estimates, more than 40% of people give money during the holidays and there was around $281 billion donated last year. What’s getting harder, the hosts said, is knowing when you’re being scammed.
Host Gayle King had her own story: She’d received an email purportedly from someone she knew who was affiliated with a charity. She was almost ready to send some money until a small detail caught her eye — the name.
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