Treasure Hunts Are a Magical Staple of Childhood

Dear Parents,
The recent game app craze Pokemon Go has universally captured the imagination of growing crowds of players, perhaps providing a temporary and carefree distraction from other more disturbing events happening around the world and in our country recently. Unfortunately, the obsessive nature of the game is distracting players to the point that attacks and injuries are occurring in unsafe areas or late at night, some resulting in car accidents. Continue reading “Treasure Hunts Are a Magical Staple of Childhood”

Summer is the Time to Instill a Passion for Reading

Dear Parent Coach,
I read voraciously as a child, and I’d like to instill that same passion for books in my own children. During the relaxed days of summer, I’d like to encourage my elementary-age children to read more than they are able to during the busy school year. Any ideas of how I can make reading more fun for them?
Bookworm Mom Continue reading “Summer is the Time to Instill a Passion for Reading”

Valentine 5th Grader Proves to Be a Real Bookworm

The following was written by Sydney Chun, special to the Outlook.

William Velayos, a 5th-grader at Valentine Elementary read 110 books over the course of the past school year, breaking the previous school record of 102. Fifth-grade students at Valentine Elementary can earn a certificate for reading 20 books, or a trophy for reading 30. Velayos went above and beyond, especially considering that students who read more than 50 books receive the same reward as those who read exactly 50. Continue reading “Valentine 5th Grader Proves to Be a Real Bookworm”

Tight Grip Maintained on SM’s Water Spigots

Although the Sierra Nevada snowpack received a promising dump this past winter, and the reservoirs in the northern reaches of California were topped up nicely, the El Niño effect that was expected to give Southern California a historic drenching missed its mark and strayed far to the north. The ramifications for San Marino residents are that watering restrictions enacted by the city last year remain fully in force. Continue reading “Tight Grip Maintained on SM’s Water Spigots”