Congregational Church Seen as Option for SMHS Tower

San Marino Congregational Church has emerged as a new option for the relocation of a cell tower on the grounds of San Marino High School, according to city Planning and Building Director Aldo Cervantes.
American Tower, which manages the tower for carriers Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, had originally sought to relocate it to the grounds of Tony’s Pizza at the corner of Huntington Drive and Winston Avenue. But that has proven to be problematic. Continue reading “Congregational Church Seen as Option for SMHS Tower”

Carver K-Patrol Guides Little Ones on Their Way

Photo by Merin McDonald / OUTLOOK Carver Elementary School 5th-grader Erica De los Santos, a member of the school’s K-Patrol, directs kindergartners to their classrooms Friday morning.
Photo by Merin McDonald / OUTLOOK
Carver Elementary School 5th-grader Erica De los Santos, a member of the school’s K-Patrol, directs kindergartners to their classrooms Friday morning.

When kindergartner Jaden Manchanda arrived at Carver Elementary School on Friday morning, there was already a smile on his face. He didn’t seem too worried about saying goodbye to his parents as he exited their car and stepped onto the drop-off curb — after all, a new friend was already waiting for him. Fifth-grader Erica De los Santos approached the car and accepted Jaden’s backpack from his mom before taking the boy’s hand and leading him up the steps to the school. His parents didn’t need to worry about Jaden getting to his classroom, either — under the guidance of Carver’s K-Patrol, they knew he was in good hands. Continue reading “Carver K-Patrol Guides Little Ones on Their Way”

College Daughter Has the Winter Blues

Dear Parent Coach,
Our daughter is a college freshman at an Eastern university. She called us this week (unusual!) saying she is under a lot of stress with her classes. She admits she is staying up too late and isn’t eating well. She seems to manage having fun, but doesn’t have the same drive to handle her studies. She’s questioning whether or not she’s cut out to be in college, or if this is the right college for her. We aren’t ready to give in and say come home, but we feel frustrated and worried. How can we help her?
Signed, Puzzled Parents Continue reading “College Daughter Has the Winter Blues”

Sibling Rivalry is Universal in Families

Sibling rivalry is as old as Cain and Abel and as current as the latest argument at this morning’s breakfast table. Anyone who has at least one sibling has experienced its dynamics.
Whenever there is more than one child living in a family, sibling rivalry will naturally occur. However, petty arguments between brothers and sisters do have some basis and understandable causes. Every child has the primal desire to be loved, to have emotional security, in addition to the basic needs of food, clothing and a guidance-oriented environment. When there are two parents who are the source of all these needs, the more children who are living in a home, the more parents will be divided in their efforts to provide. Continue reading “Sibling Rivalry is Universal in Families”

Grandparenting in Magical Santa Barbara

Dear Parents,
At the end of the day, it is the trusting relationship one builds and maintains with a child that matters most. This was the conclusion I came to as I stood on the end of the Santa Barbara pier with grandchildren Ivy and Everett, watching the sun set on the first day of a new year. I quietly sang taps to them: “Day is done, gone the sun . . . safely rest, God is nigh.” None of us wanted to leave, but it was getting dark. Continue reading “Grandparenting in Magical Santa Barbara”

Local Girls Visit ‘Other’ San Marino on Vacation

By Sage Murthy and Jamie Haenisch
Special to the Outlook

Editor’s note: Sage Murthy and Jamie Haenisch of San Marino, 5th-graders at Valentine Elementary School, visited the Republic of San Marino on a trip to Europe with their families last summer. The girls wrote an article about their experience, which the Outlook is pleased to publish.

Did you know that there’s another San Marino out there? Well, there is. In the middle of Italy, there is a small country called San Marino. In fact, our city is named after it. That’s why we made it a point to visit San Marino this past summer when we were in Italy. Continue reading “Local Girls Visit ‘Other’ San Marino on Vacation”