Planning Commission Votes to Restrict ADUs

The following was written by Max Zeronian, special to the Outlook

The Planning Commission voted last week in favor of an ordinance restricting the building of additional dwelling units within the guidelines set forth by the state.
As specified in state Senate Bill No. 1069 and state Assembly Bill No. 2299, additional regulations would limit the size of lot on which ADUs can be built, requiring owners of properties smaller than 12,000 square feet to convert a garage or other unit to create additional housing if they so choose. Forty-eight percent of San Marino’s residential lots are larger than 12,000 square feet. Continue reading “Planning Commission Votes to Restrict ADUs”

Invasive Mosquito Species Found in Pasadena

Eggs from the Aedes albopictus mosquito that can infect humans with viruses such as Zika, dengue and chikungunya have been found recently for the first time in monitoring traps in Pasadena, according to a statement from the Pasadena Public Health Department on Monday.
Health officials emphasized there are no reported cases of locally transmitted Zika or the other two viruses.
“It is important for the public to be aware of the presence of this mosquito, which is different than the local variety of the insect, and to take steps now to help protect yourself and your family against these mosquitoes,” PPHD Health Officer Dr. Ying-Ying Goh said.
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SMHS Principal Retires With Mountains of Memories

If Mary Johnson is reading this story, she is likely doing so while enjoying the last of her days in the San Marino High School principal’s office, an office that serves almost as a personal dome inside the world of a modern high school.
Roomy and decorated, the office, with its tinted windows and situated essentially at the crossroads for the campus’ various buildings, has allowed Johnson the ability to observe any of the 1,200 or so students under her watch daily for the past three years. A door even allows quick access into that world, whether to begin an impulsive journey or to acquiesce to the demands of students who pressed their face to the window to peer through the tinting.
“When I’m having a particularly bad day or facing a difficult task, all I have to do is look up,” Johnson said. “It sort of rights my ship and restores my perspective.” Continue reading “SMHS Principal Retires With Mountains of Memories”