Aspiring Lt. Gov. Harris Stumps for Economic Development

Cole Harris
Cole Harris

A couple of weeks out from the upcoming primary election, San Marino’s Cole Harris said he felt comfortable enough to step back from the stumping and take a look at what works and doesn’t work with his campaign.
The Republican lieutenant governor aspirant, having announced his candidacy in March, said he felt his strategically directed TV spots and other forms of campaign outreach have served well to give his name enough recognition with voters, particularly those frequent voters who don’t declare party affiliation.
“We’ve got our foot on the gas pedal,” Harris said in a phone interview last week. Continue reading “Aspiring Lt. Gov. Harris Stumps for Economic Development”

City Council Budget $28 Million: Now, How to Spend It?

In preparing the city’s budget for the next fiscal year, department heads have been asked to either trim expenses or to maintain expenses and improve efficiency — but the City Council avoided phrasing any reduction or improvement as a specific order.
City Manager Marcella Marlowe said she plans to present a fairly maintained General Fund budget — one that doesn’t substantially add or reduce from the current year — as she continues to iron out the wrinkles of prior bureaucratic mismanagement in City Hall. Parks and Public Works Director Michael Throne outlined a plan to develop his department’s “assembly line” that will allow the city to aggressively address deferred infrastructure maintenance. Continue reading “City Council Budget $28 Million: Now, How to Spend It?”

District Looking at New Time Allocations for Homework

As the current school year came to an end, it was clear the topic of homework will soldier on through the summer months for the San Marino Unified School District’s administrators, teachers and parents.
A town hall-style meeting last week reflected as much, although the needle did seem to move closer to some sort of consensus between the argument of reducing homework loads and the idea of making homework more meaningful to the students. Continue reading “District Looking at New Time Allocations for Homework”

Motor Classic Helps Drive Charity June 10

The eighth San Marino Motor Classic this weekend aims to continue building on the success of prior years, with planners scheming to unite a love of the automobile with that of charity.
“Each year, I think we’ve done the best that we can do, and then the next year comes along and we do better,” said Aaron Weiss, co-founder of the Motor Classic, in a phone interview. “We’ve got more cars coming from all over the country than have come before.” Continue reading “Motor Classic Helps Drive Charity June 10”

Rotary Club Congratulates Military Academy Appointees

Rotary Club of San Marino helped send off one of the city’s own last week at its annual Salute to U.S. Service Academy Appointees.
San Marino High School graduate Raye Cheng, an appointee to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, was recognized by the club at its luncheon last Thursday, alongside Arcadia High School graduating senior Grady Gills, who will attend the U.S. Air Force Academy. Both were appointed by Congresswoman Judy Chu. Continue reading “Rotary Club Congratulates Military Academy Appointees”

Board Takes Another Look at Homework Controversy

The San Marino Unified School District has some decisions to make after a lengthy Board of Education meeting last week, chief among them — homework.
Representatives from parent groups who attended the meeting last week seemed generally supportive of the Academic Advisory Commission recommendation to scale back the amount of homework in K-8 classes, but the board was hesitant to commit to anything that night. Continue reading “Board Takes Another Look at Homework Controversy”

Norgaard Lawyer Criticizes District

A lawyer for school board member Chris Norgaard lambasted San Marino Unified School District officials for their latest moves against his client, taken in response to his legal threats against the district.
In an email, attorney Guy Glazier pointed out Norgaard has served for 14½ years in all capacities on the school board, was a founding member of two of the board’s most important committees and has always performed one of the board’s central functions: the superintendent evaluation. The four other members of the board, however, removed Norgaard from that process this month, creating a subcommittee that excludes him. Continue reading “Norgaard Lawyer Criticizes District”

Schools Foundation Allots $2 Million to Fund Teaching, Enrichment

The San Marino Schools Foundation Board of Trustees last week allocated more than $2 million to fund teaching positions and other enrichment services for the San Marino Unified School District, making good on its annual commitment and adding more for good measure.
“These funds directly support teacher positions, helping to reduce classroom sizes so that students receive individualized attention from teachers,” said John Simpson, SMSF president. “In addition, we awarded funding for enrichment services that would have been vacated without the generous support of families and the general community.” Continue reading “Schools Foundation Allots $2 Million to Fund Teaching, Enrichment”

School Board Bars Norgaard From Cherniss’ Evaluation

Despite protests by Chris Norgaard, his four peers on the San Marino Unified School District Board of Education have agreed to compartmentalize both the evaluation of Superintendent Alex Cherniss and also the handling of Norgaard’s legal complaints against the district.
Those legal threats also include Cherniss, which is why the board voted to exclude Norgaard from the evaluation process. Continue reading “School Board Bars Norgaard From Cherniss’ Evaluation”