Three Fresh Faces Elected to City Council Seats

The City Council’s makeover that began two years ago is officially complete, after voters elected to send Gretchen Shepherd Romey, Ken Ude and Susan Jakubowski to the three seats being vacated next month.
According to a preliminary count from the Los Angeles County Registrar, the three candidates were elected decisively among a field of seven. Shepherd Romey, a lawyer; Ude, a businessman; and Jakubowski, a former business owner and county bureaucrat, will tentatively take their seats next month. Continue reading “Three Fresh Faces Elected to City Council Seats”

Titanium Robotics Uses Uniqueness to Unify

Titanium Robotics has developed into a bit of a juggernaut, so to speak, throughout its years, and its student leadership is taking the opportunity to reach out to the community at large.
With the student-run club being the well-oiled machine that it is, it’s an opportunity that comes easy to the enterprising San Marino High School students. The year-round routine for in-club activities is prolific, but team leaders said it’s been a while since the team really played with its community outreach tactics. Continue reading “Titanium Robotics Uses Uniqueness to Unify”

Students Treat All-Star Teacher to World Series Game

It took less than a day for Rita Brown’s students and their families, past and present, to pool $2,740, well more than the goal of $2,000 they had set.
It was money well-spent.
Brown, a longtime Dodgers fan and teacher at San Marino Community Church Nursery School since 1980, enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to Game 2 of this year’s World Series. On Wednesday, Oct. 25, she and her husband were at Dodger Stadium, watching their beloved ball club continue its bid for greatness. Continue reading “Students Treat All-Star Teacher to World Series Game”

ADU Ordinances in SM Open to Future Amendments

Looking to adopt the final ordinance by the end of the year, the City Council seems to have accepted the inevitability of having to make later amendments to its long-discussed ordinance regarding accessory dwelling units.
“For now, it is limited in the ways described, but from a staff level, we’re not averse to amendments down the road addressing these situations,” said City Attorney Steven Flower, speaking on the current structure of the ordinance. “This is not the end of it. It will be an ongoing process as we face the practical realities.” Continue reading “ADU Ordinances in SM Open to Future Amendments”

San Marino Stalls Plans for Restroom Remodel in Park

The City Council tentatively will consider options for one of Lacy Park’s restrooms at its next meeting, continuing a saga dating to 2014 on how to go about bringing the building into the 21st century.
The current plan, as presented by Parks and Public Works Director and City Engineer Michael Throne, calls for a $385,200 budget, including a 10% contingency, most of which has already been appropriated. However, amid calls for savings, Throne and City Manager Marcella Marlowe plan on coming back to the City Council with a few options this month. Continue reading “San Marino Stalls Plans for Restroom Remodel in Park”

City Council Hopefuls Seek Your Vote Nov. 7

Following a series of profiles on the seven candidates for San Marino City Council in the Nov. 7 election, The Outlook asked the candidates to submit their own statements reaching out to prospective voters.
Candidates were asked to keep statements within 400 words, but were otherwise given freedom on message, format and style. In the interest of fairness, as with the profiles, the statements are run in alphabetical order. Continue reading “City Council Hopefuls Seek Your Vote Nov. 7”

New City Manager Sees Stability, Unity as Priorities

Marcella Marlowe

Her office is just about put together. The business cards are printed and ready for taking. She’s looking forward to Friday’s City Council meeting, which will officially be her first.
Marcella Marlowe, at the helm for two weeks now as San Marino’s new city manager, said her welcome has been about as good as it gets.
“It’s really great,” she said in an interview Oct. 20. “Everyone has been welcoming and wonderful. I’ve been telling everybody how lucky I feel here.” Continue reading “New City Manager Sees Stability, Unity as Priorities”

Author Talks to Carver Students About Being Different

Photo by Zane Hill / OUTLOOK
Fifth-grader Elle Jang (left) had her copy of “Ugly” signed by author Robert Hoge, who spoke at Carver Elementary School .

“Look at the cripple.”
That quote was one of the earliest that stood out to author Robert Hoge as a boy entering primary school for the first time in his native Australia, as he explained to Carver Elementary School students last Friday. Hoge had entered school with two prosthetic legs and a surgically reconstructed face that included a nose made from two of the toes from his right foot. Continue reading “Author Talks to Carver Students About Being Different”

Thieves Hit Verizon Store Again, Nab iPhones

Photo courtesy SMPD
Two suspects of an Oct. 18 armed robbery at the Verizon Wireless store on Huntington Drive were captured on store surveillance footage before they fled in a car driven by a third suspect.

Officers with the San Marino Police Department are investigating the third armed robbery of a cellphone retailer in town this year after it was held up last week.
Including an overnight burglary in August, this is the fourth time the store has been targeted by criminals this year. Continue reading “Thieves Hit Verizon Store Again, Nab iPhones”

SM City Council Hopefuls Take Questions at Forum

City Council candidates Calvin Lo (from left), Scott Kwong, Susan Jakubowski, Ken Ude, Dr. Hai-Sou Chen, Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Eugene Sun reached out to voters at a candidate forum last week.

All seven City Council candidates were on hand for the San Marino City Club-sponsored forum at San Marino High School last week, all of whom made the most of the two hours to tout their campaigns to prospective voters.
Taking the stage in Neher Auditorium roughly a month out from the Nov. 7 election, candidates answered a variety of questions that were prepared ahead of time, anonymously submitted to each other among themselves and also from audience members. The auditorium was roughly half full.
The candidates are, alphabetically, Dr. Hai-Sou Chen, Susan Jakubowski, Scott Kwong, Calvin Lo, Gretchen Shepherd Romey, Eugene Sun and Ken Ude. Continue reading “SM City Council Hopefuls Take Questions at Forum”