Ordinance to Track Vacant Homes in City

San Marino police responded to a disturbing incident on the morning of March 8. A man who had gone to check on a supposedly vacant Avondale Road residence on behalf of the homeowner was accosted by a squatter living in the master bedroom. Police, who found that a rear door had been forced open, arrested the 22-year-old transient on suspicion of residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. Continue reading “Ordinance to Track Vacant Homes in City”

Congregational Church Seen as Option for SMHS Tower

San Marino Congregational Church has emerged as a new option for the relocation of a cell tower on the grounds of San Marino High School, according to city Planning and Building Director Aldo Cervantes.
American Tower, which manages the tower for carriers Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, had originally sought to relocate it to the grounds of Tony’s Pizza at the corner of Huntington Drive and Winston Avenue. But that has proven to be problematic. Continue reading “Congregational Church Seen as Option for SMHS Tower”

Local Girls Visit ‘Other’ San Marino on Vacation

By Sage Murthy and Jamie Haenisch
Special to the Outlook

Editor’s note: Sage Murthy and Jamie Haenisch of San Marino, 5th-graders at Valentine Elementary School, visited the Republic of San Marino on a trip to Europe with their families last summer. The girls wrote an article about their experience, which the Outlook is pleased to publish.

Did you know that there’s another San Marino out there? Well, there is. In the middle of Italy, there is a small country called San Marino. In fact, our city is named after it. That’s why we made it a point to visit San Marino this past summer when we were in Italy. Continue reading “Local Girls Visit ‘Other’ San Marino on Vacation”