Principal Volunteers for Habitat in Portugal

Huntington Middle School Principal Jason Kurtenbach is absent from his office through Nov. 15, but he isn’t cutting class or playing hooky.
Instead, he’s helping to build a home for a family in Braga, Portugal, as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. He and 13 others will be installing the plumbing and roofing to an under-construction home, with his mother directing the team. Kurtenbach’s mother has volunteered since the ’90s. Continue reading “Principal Volunteers for Habitat in Portugal”

Clairbourn to Honor Mr. 1.000 With Batting Cage

John Paciorek will never forget Sept. 29, 1963. The warm Sunday afternoon marked the final day of the Major League Baseball regular season and the Houston Colt .45s were not going to make the playoffs. At the time, Paciorek was an 18-year-old prospect in the present-day Astros organization who had been called up for this one game as part of the team’s plan to briefly showcase its young talent. Right on cue, Paciorek wowed the home crowd during his debut, reaching base all five times against the New York Mets. Continue reading “Clairbourn to Honor Mr. 1.000 With Batting Cage”