Future Spartan Songies

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Photo by Chris Sutton / OUTLOOK
La Cañada High School Varsity Songies held their annual cheerleading camp for future Spartans, teaching them cheer and dance routines, as well as games to get their groove on. Sami Panossian (front row, from left), Leah Panossian, Nicole Mayhen, Arainna Armillei, Kendall Trubey, Bella Cerpa and Camryn Cha. Second row: Sarah Bell, Sophia Saleh, Claire Reynolds, Natalie Gellar, Alyssa Parrille, Sarah Boulanger, Chloe Lee, Cami Joo, Alexa Talbert, Angelica Petroc, Morgan Warner and Penny Gross. Third row: Victoria Wilczel, Sonja Leavens, Clare Jensen, Alexis Calm, Belinda Castro, Kendall Short, Ava Hopeck, Leya Hopeck, Madison Warner, Molly Gross, Bella Scolnick and Kaitlin Trubey. Back: LCHS Varsity Songies Lucy Silva, Britney Nies, Lilly Kaiser, Isabelle Fisher, Natalie Guzman and Jenna Forshager.

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