Huntington Library Revamps Dining Options

The Huntington has long prided itself on its growing collection of artwork, its portals into the world’s history and its expansive gardens that evoke nature’s beauty.
Now, its officials say, it has taken the next step toward pleasing our palates.
“We have always had some measure of food services at the Huntington, but we’ve never really focused on the quality of it until now,” said Susan Turner-Lowe, vice president for communication and marketing at the Huntington. “We really needed to up our game there.” Continue reading “Huntington Library Revamps Dining Options”

Patton Grandson Talks About Veteran Work

Ben Patton, grandson of the legendary Gen. George S. Patton, has found a unique way to help military veterans cope with the stresses of serving and the effects of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.
During a luncheon following Sunday’s service at Church of Our Saviour in San Gabriel (which the late Patton attended as a San Gabriel and San Marino resident), Patton used the video streaming service Skype to speak to churchgoers. He talked about his project, “I Was There,” in which he pairs veterans with filmmakers to help the vets express what they’re going through after their service. Continue reading “Patton Grandson Talks About Veteran Work”

New School Assessment Method Focuses on Growth

Dr. Alex Cherniss, superintendent for the San Marino Unified School District, said he has high hopes for the state’s modified assessment methods for its public schools.
Schools will now factor in a variety of ancillary factors for students, on top of testing and proficiency, to determine their effectiveness while identifying areas ripe for improvement, Cherniss explained. Continue reading “New School Assessment Method Focuses on Growth”

Trump’s Win Divides Neighbors; Some Rattle, Others Rally

As the shockwaves of Donald Trump’s presidential upset win continue to reverberate in California, Pasadena residents this past week expressed the full gambit of emotion, from bitter disappointment and fear to joyous elation.
Of the total 40,466 ballots cast in the city of Pasadena, 18.7% of the votes were for Trump, while 72.9% were for Hillary Clinton. Support for Trump was wider across the state with 33.2% of the votes, versus the 61.5% for Clinton.
Despite political leanings, residents came together to support the troops and those who served the country at the city’s Veterans Day tribute at City Hall last Friday. Continue reading “Trump’s Win Divides Neighbors; Some Rattle, Others Rally”