Pandas, Princesses, Floats: The Perfect Rose Parade

Photos by Toni LeBel / OUTLOOK
La Cañada Flintridge’s float, “Panda-monium,” was a hit with spectators and judges, adding a sixth Bob Hope Humor Award to the La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association’s collection.

If the millions of television viewers who tune into the Rose Parade each year know anything about La Cañada Flintridge, it’s that the town has a healthy sense of humor — and, apparently, a soft spot for pandas.
For the third consecutive year and fifth time in the past seven years, the La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Float Association produced an entry — “Panda-monium” — worthy of the Bob Hope Humor Award. LCF’s entry has earned an award for seven consecutive years, and 29 times in its 40-year history.
“When we had the judging, we made the judges laugh, and that’s the whole point of the La Cañada float,” said Chuck Terhune, LCFTRA president. “We’re whimsical and funny and surprising.” Continue reading “Pandas, Princesses, Floats: The Perfect Rose Parade”

LCF Brings ‘Panda-monium’ to the Rose Parade

By Perry Fein
Special to the Outlook

When asked how she came up with the concept design for the La Cañada Flintridge self-built Rose Parade float, “Panda-monium,” Ella Jacobs, 12, said, “last year when we were talking about float ideas, I kind of just blurted out, ‘panda float’ because I really like pandas.”
Aside from being one of Jacobs’ favorite animals, pandas serve as suitable mascots for the theme of this year’s parade, “Making a Difference,” said La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association President Chuck Terhune. About 50 years ago, he explained, China and 20 other countries started coordinating programs to breed pandas, and they’re finally starting to release some of these pandas into the wild.

Photo by Dan Vang / OUTLOOK
Volunteers prepare “Panda-monium,” which will be the La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association’s entry in the 2018 Rose Parade on Jan. 1.

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All Aboard the August Happy Hour

David Kirchheimer gives Bill Pounders and Chuck Terhune a train ride at the event.
Photos courtesy Alison Davitt
Mayor Michael Davitt and state Sen. Anthony Portantino were among 85 supporters at the recent La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association’s August Happy Hour.

The La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association’s August Happy Hour recently was hosted by Sherry and David Kirchheimer at their beautiful home on Flintridge Avenue.
More than 85 float supporters and enthusiasts enjoyed riding the miniature Flintheim Railroad, built by the Kirchheimers. The evening had a magical feeling created by the Disney-like environment of the frontier railway. The grounds of the home were freshly manicured with beautiful green lawns and flowers in abundance — just like being at Disneyland. Guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres when not riding the railway through the Kirchheimers’ backyard.
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LCFTRA is the Big Winner at Bingo Night

Councilman Len Pieroni, Mayor Pro Tem Terry Walker and Mayor Michael Davitt enjoyed the LCF Tournament of Roses Bingo Night.

The La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association held its annual Bingo Night fundraiser last week at the Community Center of LCF.
Mayor Pro Tem Terry Walker was emcee at the event and game-callers included Mayor Michael Davitt and Lisa Curtis, wife of City Councilman Jonathan Curtis. Dinner was provided by Dinah’s Chicken.
LCFTRA’s 40th entry into the Tournament of Roses Parade is titled “Panda-monium,” which will show three young pandas having an outdoor adventure after escaping their home at a Chinese rescue facility. The theme of this year’s parade is “Making a Difference.”

Tim Rahtz and LCF Community Center Executive Director Maureen Bond
LCFTRA President Charles Terhune stands with event chair Rora Melendy.

‘Backyard Rocketeer’ Destination: Rose Parade  

La Cañada Flintridge, your “Backyard Rocketeer” is almost ready for lift-off, revved up and ready to blast forth from “under the bridge” en route to the 5.5-mile Jan. 2 trek down Colorado Boulevard. (Per the “Never on Sunday” rule harkening back to the 19th century, the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl will be staged Monday because Jan. 1 falls on Sunday.)
For the 39th consecutive year, the LCF Tournament of Roses Association will enter a float in the Rose Parade. The submission is a result of volunteers and community members donating about 45,000 hours and more than $100,000 to make it a reality.

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