City Reviews Rebuild Options for Rose Arbor

The City Council expects to review options for the Lacy Park Rose Arbor tentatively in March after giving Parks and Public Works Director Michael Throne a sense of their hopeful direction at a meeting last week.
The prior Rose Arbor was demolished by the city in 2016 after it had apparently deteriorated to a hazardous state, a move which incensed those intent on preserving historical landmarks in town. The City Council aims to find a way to replace the structure in a way both meaningful to those who have donated for it in the past and sturdy enough to stand for the foreseeable future. Continue reading “City Reviews Rebuild Options for Rose Arbor”

City Seeks Best Program for Lead Mitigation

Under direction of the City Council, the city’s Planning and Zoning Department will prepare an ordinance regarding lead mitigation in San Marino homes and bring it forward for consideration.
This comes after Director of Planning and Zoning Aldo Cervantes presented his research on the issue at a recent City Council meeting. He studied the issue following media coverage of the apparent preponderance of lead contamination among Los Angeles-area children, particularly in San Marino. Continue reading “City Seeks Best Program for Lead Mitigation”

City Events Honor American Veterans

For Veterans Day, San Marino residents showed they are just as committed to honoring those in uniform as they are to first responders with a plethora of events and commemorations.
Two events headlined the weekend: The Chinese American Military Support group hosted a two-day event to specially recognize Chinese-American veterans, and the city hosted an Active Military Banner Presentation at Lacy Park to recognize those currently enlisted. Continue reading “City Events Honor American Veterans”