LCHS Swept Up in National Walkout

Photo by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK
Senior Ethan Crane tells his peers that they’re there together “to honor the 17 lives lost during the Parkland shooting and to honor all victims of gun violence — not with thoughts and prayers, but with action!”

Sara Kahn was moved by the sight of so many students spilling out of classrooms and into the La Cañada High School quad at 10 a.m. Wednesday. They arrived in bunches, some toting signs, the majority of them wearing orange, the color a symbol of what hunters wear to protect themselves from being shot at by other hunters. Continue reading “LCHS Swept Up in National Walkout”

LCHS 7/8 Principal, Students Engage in Honest Dialogue

Photo by Mirjam Swanson / OUTLOOK
Principal Jarrett Gold told LCHS 7/8 students, “This is you guys being part of the conversation and having a voice,” and they responded by sharing thoughts on a range of topics, including vaping, bullying and school safety.

Principal Jarrett Gold went on a listening tour in 7th-grade English classes and 8th-grade history classes over the past few days, inviting a dialogue with all 700-plus students enrolled at La Cañada High School 7/8. Continue reading “LCHS 7/8 Principal, Students Engage in Honest Dialogue”