Three Fresh Faces Elected to City Council Seats

The City Council’s makeover that began two years ago is officially complete, after voters elected to send Gretchen Shepherd Romey, Ken Ude and Susan Jakubowski to the three seats being vacated next month.
According to a preliminary count from the Los Angeles County Registrar, the three candidates were elected decisively among a field of seven. Shepherd Romey, a lawyer; Ude, a businessman; and Jakubowski, a former business owner and county bureaucrat, will tentatively take their seats next month. Continue reading “Three Fresh Faces Elected to City Council Seats”

San Marino Stalls Plans for Restroom Remodel in Park

The City Council tentatively will consider options for one of Lacy Park’s restrooms at its next meeting, continuing a saga dating to 2014 on how to go about bringing the building into the 21st century.
The current plan, as presented by Parks and Public Works Director and City Engineer Michael Throne, calls for a $385,200 budget, including a 10% contingency, most of which has already been appropriated. However, amid calls for savings, Throne and City Manager Marcella Marlowe plan on coming back to the City Council with a few options this month. Continue reading “San Marino Stalls Plans for Restroom Remodel in Park”

New City Manager Sees Stability, Unity as Priorities

Marcella Marlowe

Her office is just about put together. The business cards are printed and ready for taking. She’s looking forward to Friday’s City Council meeting, which will officially be her first.
Marcella Marlowe, at the helm for two weeks now as San Marino’s new city manager, said her welcome has been about as good as it gets.
“It’s really great,” she said in an interview Oct. 20. “Everyone has been welcoming and wonderful. I’ve been telling everybody how lucky I feel here.” Continue reading “New City Manager Sees Stability, Unity as Priorities”

SM City Council Hopefuls Take Questions at Forum

City Council candidates Calvin Lo (from left), Scott Kwong, Susan Jakubowski, Ken Ude, Dr. Hai-Sou Chen, Gretchen Shepherd Romey and Eugene Sun reached out to voters at a candidate forum last week.

All seven City Council candidates were on hand for the San Marino City Club-sponsored forum at San Marino High School last week, all of whom made the most of the two hours to tout their campaigns to prospective voters.
Taking the stage in Neher Auditorium roughly a month out from the Nov. 7 election, candidates answered a variety of questions that were prepared ahead of time, anonymously submitted to each other among themselves and also from audience members. The auditorium was roughly half full.
The candidates are, alphabetically, Dr. Hai-Sou Chen, Susan Jakubowski, Scott Kwong, Calvin Lo, Gretchen Shepherd Romey, Eugene Sun and Ken Ude. Continue reading “SM City Council Hopefuls Take Questions at Forum”

SM Candidate Ude: Run Government Like a Smart Business

Ken Ude
Ken Ude

It’s a familiar refrain: the government ought to be run like a business.
Ken Ude, in his bid for City Council, hasn’t shied away from that moniker and touts his business credentials as setting him apart from his competitors.
“I’m getting a lot of positive feedback to the message and my experience,” he said, reflecting on how his campaign has gone. “It’s been fun to get out there and meet people and confirm a bunch of things about what’s important and what people are thinking about.” Continue reading “SM Candidate Ude: Run Government Like a Smart Business”

Bittersweet Ending to Collins’ Tenure With San Marino

In an emotional closure to last week’s City Council meeting, Cindy Collins, who has spent the past 14 months as the interim city manager, said her goodbyes to City Council members and city staff.
As of Monday this week, she has ceded her duties to Marcella Marlowe, who was hired full time last month. Collins will stay on through the month to help transition and then retire. Continue reading “Bittersweet Ending to Collins’ Tenure With San Marino”

Shepherd Romey: A Heart for Preservation

Gretchen Shepherd Romey
Gretchen Shepherd Romey

When she moved here two decades ago to raise her family, Gretchen Shepherd Romey said she dedicated a lot of her life to being involved in the various groups and nonprofits that help turn San Marino’s gears.
Now an empty nester, Shepherd Romey said she’s redirected the energy from raising a family to her continuing volunteer and civic work, which includes a run for a City Council seat. Continue reading “Shepherd Romey: A Heart for Preservation”

New City Manager Hired, Starts Oct. 16

Marcella Marlowe
Marcella Marlowe

By a 3-1 vote, the contract to hire Marcella Marlowe as San Marino’s new city manager was approved at the City Council’s morning meeting last Friday.
Marlowe, who was assistant city manager for nearby San Gabriel, officially begins work on Oct. 16.
“We’ll start a transition process that will last over the next month,” said interim City Manager Cindy Collins in an interview this week. “I’ll be available as she needs me once she arrives.” Continue reading “New City Manager Hired, Starts Oct. 16”

Candidate Lo Promises Public Safety, Preservation

Calvin Lo
Calvin Lo

To Calvin Lo, San Marino is a unique and premium city and should be treated and run as such.
This motivation has helped drive him on his quest for a City Council seat in the upcoming election, he said, a bid he sees as the next natural step for him in volunteering in San Marino.
“To me, this is another step for community service,” he said. “My campaign model is to uphold the core values of San Marino, which are the beautiful architecture, the rich heritage, the strong sense of community, the safety of the neighborhoods and the quality of life.” Continue reading “Candidate Lo Promises Public Safety, Preservation”