ADU Ordinances in SM Open to Future Amendments

Looking to adopt the final ordinance by the end of the year, the City Council seems to have accepted the inevitability of having to make later amendments to its long-discussed ordinance regarding accessory dwelling units.
“For now, it is limited in the ways described, but from a staff level, we’re not averse to amendments down the road addressing these situations,” said City Attorney Steven Flower, speaking on the current structure of the ordinance. “This is not the end of it. It will be an ongoing process as we face the practical realities.” Continue reading “ADU Ordinances in SM Open to Future Amendments”

Planning Commission to Wait on Decision for Music School

The Planning Commission, hoping to help fill a vacant property on Huntington Drive, voted to continue a hearing for a prospective business at its Feb. 22 meeting.
Before the decision, the Commission had expressed a desire to work through an issue involving parking at the location, but the applicant’s absence from the meeting precluded substantive discussion. Continue reading “Planning Commission to Wait on Decision for Music School”