Timetable Set for New HMS Gym

After the groundbreaking ceremony on June 5, Incotechnic Inc. will begin moving equipment onsite near Huntington Middle School to begin demolition of what has served as the school’s gym for what most community members agree is too long.
The Buena Park-based firm is expected to begin removing the building on June 12 and wrap up around July 17 after being awarded the demolition portion of the project for its $197,000 bid. The San Marino Unified School District Board of Education approved this at its May 9 meeting.
Gerald Schobert, the facilities consultant for SMUSD, presented the information at the meeting and said the district had worked with this contracting company before, adding he was comfortable with its quality of work.
“I have faith in this contractor that they’ll be able to take care of it,” he said.
The contractor is tasked with demolishing the current gym facility, which was originally built in 1930 as an art extension and later repurposed. Parents and SMUSD officials have long pined for a new and proper facility that would allow HMS students their own athletic space.
Now, thanks to a substantial amount of donor funding, the dream is coming true. The next phase of the Barth Athletic Complex, so-named for the $3.5 million donation from the local Barth family, will tentatively be awarded at the Aug. 8 meeting. This will involve the construction of the facility and is currently budgeted at $10.6 million, although the bottom line could change based on how much more or less bids are and also whether the awarded job included other portions of the project, such as furnishing or field renovation.
Including the $3.5 million donation, locals have pitched in more than $4.3 million for the project, and the Barths recently added another $2 million to go toward SMUSD’s debt service if it doesn’t pay it off by 2021. The Board of Education approved a certificate of participation loan earlier this year in the amount of $6.5 million and has an additional $2 million of its own money committed to the project.
The Board of Education also has publicly reached out to City Hall to solicit funding, possibly in the form of an advance on rental space, but public discussion has advanced little beyond the initial question.
The district will send notices to all nearby residents of the impending demolition, with vehicles planning to use Sherwood Road as the access road to the site.

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