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Bethany Christian School Hosts Anti-Bullying Seminar

First published in the Oct. 21 print issue of the Pasadena Outlook.

Bethany Christian School recently hosted Paul Coughlin, author of “Freedom From Bullying,” for a community seminar on strategies to reduce bullying.
Coughlin focused on several key strategies which research has proven effective. One strategy is known as “the power of two” in which two students covenant to speak up together against bullying.

“Studies have shown that children are much more likely to change from bystanders watching a bullying event to standing alongside the victim if they have a friend to stand with,” a statement from the school said. “Another strategy is to carefully define bullying as repeated, one-way harassment to distinguish it from the normal disagreements that can happen among children. It is also important to distinguish reporting from tattling and to have multiple means of reporting. “Research shows that children are more likely to tell a trusted friend or older child than a parent or teacher. Thus creating buddy programs in schools between older and younger children can be an effective strategy to provide a safe environment for reporting.”
Coughlin spent time at Bethany Christian School to train teachers, students and the community. The school will be implementing the “Protectors” curriculum throughout the school to train students on how to stand up for those being bullied and help reduce bullying in the community.
For more information, call Bethany Christian School at (626) 355-3527, email info@bcslions.org, or visit bcslions.org.


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