Allen Lund Co. Provides Scholarship for Local Veteran

Photo courtesy Cynthia Bengtson-Budzyn
Allen Lund Co. President Eddie Lund congratulates Maj. Jennifer Burghdorf, who received a scholarship from the company to participate in Leadership Pasadena’s development program.

Continuing its long history of supporting the country’s military veterans, the Allen Lund Co. is providing U.S. Air Force Maj. Jennifer Burghdorf a scholarship to participate in Leadership Pasadena’s comprehensive six-month community leadership development program.
According to Eddie Lund, president of the Allen Lund Co., “We are very excited to support Leadership Pasadena and USAF Maj. Jennifer Burghdorf. The chance to get behind a great organization and a wonderful person to help them develop into an even better leader is an honor for us, and we are excited to see where this leads Jennifer in her career.”
Leadership Pasadena develops and inspires collaborative, forward-thinking leaders, who embrace diverse perspectives and build resilient, equitable communities and organizations in the Foothills. LP bolsters civic engagement and innovative, community advocacy creating new community and business leaders.
Military service personnel are highly trained and conditioned to excel in military endeavors, but the behaviors that worked so well in active service may hold veterans back in the civilian world. Through LP, Burghdorf will learn civilian leadership concepts and tactics, ease her leadership transition into the civilian world and determine how to best apply her unique skills to the civilian sector. She will be able to try out her new leadership skills in a safe, civilian setting. Her participation will also allow the other participants to get to know her and better understand the rigors of military service and veterans’ transition process after active service.
Burghdorf said, “I am deeply humbled to be selected for the Leadership Pasadena class of 2021. LP has a proven track record of success in developing outstanding leaders. At the moment, our community is facing a tremendous challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no better time to cultivate relationships with dynamic community advocates. LP’s reformatted COVID-friendly class is a testament to both the program leaders’ steadfastness and the participants’ commitment to growth and leadership.
“Furthermore, I am incredibly thankful to the Allen Lund Co. for its sponsorship. As a military member, I have always valued and appreciated servant leadership. The Allen Lund Co. exemplifies this style of leadership through its support and generosity across our local community. I hope I can make the Allen Lund Co. proud by expanding my involvement within the community and demonstrating a similar dedication to service.”
Leadership Pasadena alum and Advisory Council member Cindy Bengtson stated, “For the 35 years I’ve lived in La Cañada, I have seen the Allen Lund Co. step up and support every aspect of our community. Their support for our veterans is exceptional but not surprising. LP is very honored to be working with the Lund organization to help a remarkable local veteran, Burghdorf, take her place as a leader in our region. We can’t wait to see her achieve her civilian potential.”
“The Allen Lund Co.’s support for our veterans is a testament to how inclusion can build community leadership in new ways,” said Leadership Pasadena Executive Director Kaya Plansker. “We are excited to be a part of her reaching her civilian potential and to learn from her ourselves.”
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