Alarm Helps Police Collar Two Burglary Suspects

It was a silent alarm that helped San Marino Police Department apprehend two men suspected of attempting to burglarize a home in the 1200 block of Adair Street last week.
The alarm on March 16 triggered an alert that was sent to the homeowner’s cellphone, prompting him to remotely check his home security cameras and find two men trying to force their way into his home’s back door. The homeowner, who was away at the time, called police at 8:58 p.m.
“As soon as he saw what was happening, he called us right away,” said Brian Wong, a detective with SMPD. “We were there in two minutes.”
Wong said SMPD officers, with help from the South Pasadena Police Department, Alhambra Police Department and Monterey Park Police Department, quickly set up a perimeter around the home and the Pasadena Police Department contributed with a helicopter. Officers noted pry marks on the home’s back door and eventually found the suspects hiding inside a silver Jeep SUV parked across the street from the man’s home.
“What probably happened is, they heard our vehicles coming and ran to hide,” Wong said. “They couldn’t have driven away because there were officers coming from every direction and they would have been stopped.
“This is, of course, all speculative at this point,” he added. “They have not told us anything so far.”
Police arrested two Los Angeles-area men, ages 37 and 46, each to face charges of attempted burglary and possession of burglary tools. There were screwdrivers, gloves, a flashlight and keys to a motel found in the car and police later found a backpack in the neighborhood that contained pry bars, more screwdrivers and two baseball caps. Investigators are DNA testing the backpack’s contents to see whether they’re linked to the suspects.
The 46-year-old also has $750,000 worth of arrest warrants for larceny charges and also has a prior burglary arrest.
This arrest marks the second time this month that SMPD officers caught suspected intruders in the act. Four burglary, trespassing and vandalism suspects were arrested on March 4 after allegedly breaking into and squatting in a home on El Molino Avenue. A neighbor had called police after seeing one of the suspects outside of the vacant and for-sale property.
That arrest also involved coordination among multiple local departments, several of whom are newly collaborating with SMPD in a residential burglary task force.
“It’s nice to be able to have help,” Wong said. “It comes when it’s needed. I think the reason we were able to succeed here is because we were able to respond so quickly.”
The two men remain in custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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