Carver-Valentine PTAs Enjoy Board Brunch

Photo courtesy Jennifer Giles
Members of the PTA executive boards of Carver and Valentine Elementary schools gathered for brunch recently at the home of Grace Karkafi. Jacki Chuang (front row, from left), Maren Pellant, Darbin Chan, Marci Wendling and Lauren Shen. Middle row: Michiko Lee, Danica Hughes, Tami McGovern, Tieu-My Nguyen, Amy Morris, Kathy Osegueda and Jennifer Dill-Kamal. Back: Alison Mohler, Daisy Wilson, Natalie O’Connor, Zarana Patel, Helen Phan, Lisa Nguyen, Valentine Principal Colleen Shields, Kathryn Oliveros, Carver Principal Michael Lin, Nicolette Fuerst, Grace Karkafi, Ellen Tsang and Nancy Ko. Hosting duties rotate for this annual event, and it was the Carver PTA’s turn to welcome its Valentine counterpart, in addition to the principals of both schools, Michael Lin of Carver and Colleen Shields of Valentine.

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