Mayfield Junior Students Take Fifth in Decathlon

Photo courtesy Mayfield Junior School
Photo courtesy Mayfield Junior School Mayfield Junior students who helped bring the school its fifth-place ranking out of 105 schools at the L.A. Archdiocese Junior High Decathlon are (front row, from left) Matthew DiFronzo, Elizabeth Lira, Carolyn Lira, Owen Smith, Frances Burton, Sophia Labrador and Logan Tang. Back: Ryan Lo, Marshall Smith, Katie Huntsman, Sophia Cotman and Trinity Partamian.

Hard work pays off. After months of preparation, the Mayfield Junior School Decathlon Team competed recently with 105 Catholic schools at the L.A. Archdiocese Junior High Decathlon taking fifth overall. The team achieved second place in the Super Quiz team event, answering 50 questions and five tiebreakers in the subjects of literature, fine arts, religion, social studies and science, and finished in the top 20 for the Logic Quiz team event, an intense test of 20 difficult questions. In addition, eight team members won individual medals or placed in the top 20. Awardees include Marshall Smith, second place in English; Frances Burton, fourth place in literature; Carolyn Lira, fifth place in fine arts; Katie Huntsman, sixth place in math; Ryan Lo, seventh place in current events; Sophia Labrador, seventh place in religion; Matthew DiFronzo, top 20 in science; and Elizabeth Lira, top 20 in social studies.

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