Pasadena Guild of CHLA Seats New Board, Members

Photos courtesy Pasadena Guild of Children’s Hospital
New associate members include Lisa Jobe, Lynn Cooper, Nancy Cole, Leslie Dennis, Leslie Warburton and Lorna Reed.

Members of the Pasadena Guild of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles gathered recently to welcome new active and associate members and to install incoming 2017 officers and board members.
The Guild has raised more than $30 million since 1947, completing seven endowments and one capital campaign. The Guild’s current project is for an endowed chair in developmental biology and regenerative medicine, headed by Dr. David Warburton. At the luncheon, a check was presented to Warburton, who thanked the guild members for their continued commitment and support.
Bonnie McClure, chairman of Associates and Affiliates and member of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles board of directors, thanked the Guild for its dedication to Children’s Hospital and its many years of devotion to the future of children’s health.

New active members are Priscilla Jenkins, Anne Alford and Debra Whitehouse.

Rita Bristol, a member since 2006, will remain as president for a second term. Included on the executive board for 2017 are Cindy Jenkins, first vice president; Nena Brogan, second vice president; Hilary Dorsey, recording secretary; Mary Falkenbury, corresponding secretary and Molly Taylor, treasurer.
The Guild welcomed four new active members: Anne Alford, Priscilla Jenkins, Mary Morphy and Debra Whitehouse. Six new associate members included Nancy Cole, Lynn Cooper, Leslie Dennis, Lisa Jobe, Lorna Reed and Leslie Warburton.

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