Counting Down to Republic of San Marino Trip

Officials and residents from San Marino will embark on something of a diplomatic trip at the end of September.
Their journey will bring them to the Republic of San Marino, a microstate that has existed constitutionally within Italy since the 1600s. The trip, scheduled to begin Sept. 28, will follow a similar trip made by Republic of San Marino officials to this city several years ago.
“We thought it was time we go back and reciprocate,” said Debbie Priester, owner of Titan Travel, who is organizing the journey. “It’s going to be a very exciting trip.”
The nine-day endeavor will coincide with the Republic’s change of its head of state on Oct. 1. The nation’s parliament elects two Captains Regents from opposing parties each year who will serve six months each as the head of state and government. This practice dates back to the 1200s.
“We’ll be there a day before their official change of the guard,” Priester said, referring to the group’s arrival to the capital — also called San Marino. “It’s a nine-day trip, and we’re tying it in to make it official for our two cities.”
The Republic of San Marino, which is considered the world’s oldest republic, is around 24 square miles in size and carries a population of about 33,000. It is considered among Europe’s wealthiest and most stable economies.
Priester said the group, which includes Mayor Dr. Richard Sun and San Marino Unified School District Board of Education President C. Joseph Chang, has a total of 15 spots and two of those remained open as of Tuesday.
With all expenses for the trip, which Priester has fully planned, the cost is $4,800 apiece double occupancy, and a single person can go for $6,100. The trip includes a tour of nearby Florence, Italy, and also a visit to the famed Ferrari Museum. The group also will present proclamations from local officials, Assemblyman Ed Chau, Congresswoman Judy Chu and Gov. Jerry Brown.
“It seems like a very nice trip and you’ve planned it very well,” said Councilman Dr. Allan Yung, after Priester presented an update to the City Council at its Friday, July 28, meeting.
Those interested in joining the trip should call Titan Travel at (626) 440-1959 or visit its office at 1427 San Marino Ave., Suite D.

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