LCHS Senior Receives NROTC Scholarship

Photo courtesy Sgt. Steven Cho
Sgt. Steven Cho, La Cañada High School senior William Bley and Commanding Officer, Recruiting Station Los Angeles, Maj. Aixa Dones were among those in attendance to celebrate William Bley’s NROTC scholarship in Chris Roberts’ class.

La Cañada High School senior William Bley on Friday, March 23, was awarded the prestigious Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps scholarship worth as much as $180,000.
The NROTC Scholarship is a Navy and Marine Corps program that allows qualified young men and women to serve as a commissioned officer in the Navy or in the Marine Corps while they receive a full tuition, book stipend and more.
Bley’s father, John Bley, resigned as a major in the Marines in 1992, and his two older brothers also are getting ready to be commissioned to be Marine Corps officers.
Jack Bley currently attends the University of Washington, where he also is a NROTC Scholarship winner. Henry Bley attends UCLA and is in the Platoon Leaders Class program.
William Bley was one of 42 applicants selected from 192 students considered for the late board in the 12th Marine Corps District that covers California, Oregon and Washington. He was also one of 34 applicants submitted from the L.A. area.
The NROTC Scholarship allows the individual themselves to fully experience college life while pursuing their Navy or Marine Corps careers. William Bley will be focus on the Marine option, following his family’s history of being in the Marines.

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