SEIA Talk on Market Conditions and Opportunities April 9

Fritz Miller
Fritz Miller

Signature Estates & Investment Advisors will host an event with partner Fritz Miller in Pasadena on Monday, April 9, for clients and prospective clients. The topic, “2018 Market Overview: Time for Balance and Flexibility,” will address the issues and opportunities facing investors today.
Following a strong stock market in 2017, investors are hoping for more blue skies in 2018 as the synchronized global economic recovery gathers steam. And though the American economy’s expansion is getting long in the tooth, for the rest of the world, it is still early in the economic cycle. Europe and other developed economies appear to have entered a strengthening period of growth.
Most of the world’s equity market indexes achieved multiyear highs in 2017. Most European stock indexes rose more than 22% and outpaced U.S. shares for the first time since 2012. Emerging markets also had a strong performance. Given the relative valuations of international stocks, better investment opportunities may be abroad.
Many investors are also getting the jitters with the return of market volatility. Last year was an unusually calm year with the largest pullback being under 5%. Already in 2018, we have had a market sell-off of more than 10%. So having a solid investment approach is going to be more critical than ever.
To learn more, contact Stephanie Mills at (626) 795-2944 or by email Space will be limited and reservations will be required.

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