City Departments Highlight Proposed Changes in Spending

The San Marino City Council will hear a presentation on the proposed 2019-20 Capital Improvement Plan budget’s major changes on April 26, after which it plans to consider the full municipal budget presentation on May 31.
That full presentation will include more fleshed-out figures from the three preliminary presentations the council recently saw for each of the city’s departments, which highlighted major expenditure changes they were eyeing for next year.
Two recent meetings included presentations for the police and fire departments, the Emergency Operations Center, Planning Department and Parks and Public Works Department.
Since fully staffing the San Marino Police Department is a council priority initiative, the SMPD is projecting an additional $294,310 for enhanced manpower, contributing significantly to the total personnel section increase of $689,193. Mandatory actions like pay raises also contribute, with such increases projected to account for an additional $203,000 and pension liability payments increasing by $165,000.
Additionally, under services and supplies, SMPD is projecting an addition of $24,407 to its contracts with the Pasadena Humane Society and for crossing guard services.
The San Marino Fire Department is projecting a six-figure jump in its budget, thanks largely to factors such as pension liability payments (projected to increase by $173,400) and pay raises (projected to be $84,600). The presentation also noted that there would be a $20,000 increase to the line item addressing the shared command structure with South Pasadena Fire Department, which was budgeted below costs for the current year.
The Planning Department is looking at an increase of $24,160 in salaries to account for mandatory raises and an increase of $23,959 in its pension liability payments. A heritage tree incentive program, which is a priority initiative, is slated to add $25,000 in services and supplies. The City Council also opted against allowing the peafowl abatement program to expire, thus nullifying what would have been a $38,000 decrease from the outgoing year.
Additionally, a proposed economic development program — again, a priority initiative — is slated to add $39,625 to services and supplies for the department.
For the proposed elimination of two full-time positions and three part-time positions, and also the reclassification of another full-time position, Parks and Public Works anticipates shaving $208,145 from personnel salaries for next year. The usual round of mandatory pay raises and pension liability payments, meanwhile, will be $21,526 and $45,477, respectively.
Overall, Parks and Public Works looks to see a reduction in budget, although $71,000 of that reduction will simply be moved to the capital improvement budget for sidewalk and tree installation.
The detailed preliminary presentations can be viewed in full on the city’s website at

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