Burglaries Mar Q2 Crime Stats, but Arrests Up

San Marino experienced a 5.3% increase in reported Part 1 (violent and property) crimes in the first six months of this year compared with the same period last year, while also having a nearly 10% increase in arrests year-over-year.
Police Chief John Incontro presented the information to the City Council at its meeting last Friday.
“Unfortunately, we’re dealing with the month of May when we had 10 residential burglaries and then last month in June when we had five commercial burglaries,” Incontro told the council.
According to the Police Department’s data, the 19 residential burglaries in April, May and June brought the year’s total-to-date to 39, five more than at the same point last year. The six commercial burglaries in that same period brought the year’s total to seven, an increase by one from the same time last year.
With 11 reports through the second quarter, there were three more attempted burglaries reported over last year’s eight.
Councilman Steve Talt, pointing out that four of those commercial burglaries occurred at businesses at the same intersection on June 26 and are in all likelihood part of one caper, inquired whether there was any particular reason for the burglary increases in town. Incontro said there wasn’t a specific trend, other than the fact that burglaries throughout Los Angeles County were up in general.
“We can’t pinpoint exactly why,” the police chief said. “Again, one issue that we have is that more than half of our residents are not using or don’t have a security system. What we are finding with the arrests of these suspects — sometimes they do talk to us — they are looking for signs that no one is home.”
In total, there were 119 Part 1 crimes reported through the second quarter this year, up from the 113 at the same point last year.
Incontro said “saving graces” for the department include what he believes is stronger community outreach and communication, in addition simply to strong detective work. Five burglaries in the second quarter produced seven arrest warrants and officers arrested an additional six suspects in connection with San Marino burglaries, many as they were occurring.
“In particular, our detectives have been doing some extremely productive follow-ups and we’re working with several task forces in other agencies,” Incontro said. “They’ve had similar leads with others and have made several arrests related
to financial and traffic related crimes. These task force operations have been very good and we’ve been able to provide other agencies with information resulting in burglary arrests throughout the region.”
The department had made a total of 80 arrests through the second quarter, an increase from the 73 made last year. Traffic also seems to have improved this year, with there being a 27.6% reduction in total collisions (from 123 to 89) and a 45.8% reduction of collisions with injuries.
The department during the second quarter joined the Ring Law Enforcement Portal program, which allows residents in a jurisdiction to voluntarily allow law enforcement to access their doorbell camera devices — not limited to Ring, despite the name — as needed in connection with a local crime. Once a home is signed up, the recorded data can be accessed as needed, and law enforcement will not demand access to the device.
“We do not solicit directly to a resident and it’s all voluntary, which is very good,” Incontro said. “If someone doesn’t want to participate, we have no way of gathering any data, no way of doing any spying or anything like that. We don’t want to do that.”
Additionally, Incontro was “very pleased” to report that the department had 26 full-time officers on the books, one recruit presently enrolled in the police academy through the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, another recruit on the cusp of entering the academy, two officers in the field training program and was processing four applicants for the department’s two remaining vacancies.

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