LCF Sees Fewer Burglaries in February

Before heading to Kagel Canyon to begin evacuations ahead of this week’s rainstorm, Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Capt. Chris Blasnek stopped by Tuesday’s City Council meeting to report that the flurry of burglaries that hit La Cañada Flintridge at the start of the year seems to have subsided.
“The February statistics are in, and home residential burglaries went way down to four,” said Blasnek, comparing that tally with the 14 that occurred in January. “One is too many. However, I would like to share some notes I took on these burglaries.” Continue reading “LCF Sees Fewer Burglaries in February”

ADU Ordinances in SM Open to Future Amendments

Looking to adopt the final ordinance by the end of the year, the City Council seems to have accepted the inevitability of having to make later amendments to its long-discussed ordinance regarding accessory dwelling units.
“For now, it is limited in the ways described, but from a staff level, we’re not averse to amendments down the road addressing these situations,” said City Attorney Steven Flower, speaking on the current structure of the ordinance. “This is not the end of it. It will be an ongoing process as we face the practical realities.” Continue reading “ADU Ordinances in SM Open to Future Amendments”

Bittersweet Ending to Collins’ Tenure With San Marino

In an emotional closure to last week’s City Council meeting, Cindy Collins, who has spent the past 14 months as the interim city manager, said her goodbyes to City Council members and city staff.
As of Monday this week, she has ceded her duties to Marcella Marlowe, who was hired full time last month. Collins will stay on through the month to help transition and then retire. Continue reading “Bittersweet Ending to Collins’ Tenure With San Marino”

LCF City Council Reluctantly Adopts ADU Ordinance

Councilman Jonathan Curtis perhaps best encapsulated the sentiment of the City Council this week when he offered “a reluctant second” to a motion to adopt the city’s ordinance on accessory dwelling units.
All four City Council members voted in favor of the ordinance, which levies a minimum lot size for newly constructed units, commonly called accessory dwelling units, of 10,000 square feet with at least a 70-foot frontage. Already existing auxiliary structures, such as a pool house or garage, may be converted into an ADU (which will require up-to-code utility connections) regardless of lot size and are effectively grandfathered in. Continue reading “LCF City Council Reluctantly Adopts ADU Ordinance”

City Moves Toward Permanent Accessory Dwelling Ordinance

The city is working on a permanent ordinance to levy rules on accessory dwelling units (such as guest houses) in San Marino after enacting an urgency ordinance to extend the interim one passed in December.
The new regulations are in response to mandates passed by the state legislature. Both the state assembly and state senate voted last year to restrict how municipal and county governments can regulate accessory dwelling units, or ADUs.
“Recognizing the importance of ADUs in addressing California’s severe housing crisis, these amendments help reduce development barriers and expand potential capacity to build ADUs,” Mayor Dr. Richard Sun explained in an emailed statement. Continue reading “City Moves Toward Permanent Accessory Dwelling Ordinance”