Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Charqute

First published in the Nov. 27 print issue of the Burbank Leader.

By Ani Duzdabanyan, Burbank Leader

The Burbank Chamber of Commerce celebrated charcuterie and cheese board company Charqute, whose owner went viral on social media for his creations, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony last week.
The chamber held the event at its headquarters, with city officials and community members honoring chef Karreno Alexanyan. The organization’s CEO, Jamie Keyser-Thomas, said it is very important to set up a new, progressive chamber that can focus on and support small businesses — especially after the pandemic
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Supervisor Barger Addresses Chamber of Commerce

The Burbank Chamber of Commerce hosted a virtual chat on Thursday with Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, who addressed COVID-19, the economic fallout from the pandemic and protests.
Barger wanted to clarify statistics pertaining to the coronavirus and assure the chamber and public that the county is hard at work to help the local economy recover from businesses shutting down because of the Safer at Home directives.

Supervisor Kathryn Barger

“This pandemic has truly been devastating to the health and economy of the county, as you all know,” she said. “ … The county and its residents have done a great job in flattening the curve, and I know it’s been painful for many people. By all accounts we have kept the case numbers low, prevented our health-care system from being overwhelmed and are moving into the stages of recovery.”
There has been a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, increasing the total number to 68,875 and 2,813 deaths as of June 11.
However, Barger attributed the surge in cases to the fact that more people are getting tested and the spread rate has gone down.
“Prior to the civil unrest, the spread rate for every one person that was positive was less than one person that would come in contact and possibly get it,” said Barger, who also informed the chamber the positive rate has remained at 8%. “At the beginning of Safer at Home, for every one person who had COVID, it was spread to about five people. So we truly did slow it down.”
She did express concern for a possible increase in coronavirus cases with the recent protests.

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