Boys & Girls Club Welcomes Supporters To New Facility

Photo by David Laurell / Burbank Leader
State Sen. Anthony Portantino was welcomed to the Boys & Girls Club’s new home by Shanna Warren and Paul Herman.

Back in the mid-1990s, a small group of residents that included former City Councilmember Tim Murphy, the late Elizabeth “Liz” Shapiro and former Mayor Dave Golonski’s late wife Barbara Sykes began discussing the possibility of bringing a chapter of the Boys & Girls Club to Burbank.
In 1995, by virtue of the dedicated work of this group, the city of Burbank provided a shuttered firehouse to serve as the home for the new club.

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Drive-Thru Resource Event for Students Returns in August

Photo courtesy Burbank Housing Corp.
Volunteers at last year’s Back to School event for Burbank students from low-income families hold signs for participants. About 34% of Burbank Unified School District students are socioeconomically disadvantaged, according to the superintendent.

Though many students finished the school year just weeks ago, local nonprofits are already preparing for their annual Back to School event.

Traditionally, the August event has taken the form of a resource fair representing several charitable organizations providing information and services to Burbank students in low-income families. In a normal year, the Kids Community Dental Clinic might offer screenings, while the Burbank Noon Lions Club could offer vision examinations.

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Storage Facility for Homeless to Open by June

A new storage center allowing people experiencing homelessness to temporarily secure their belongings will open by the end of June, city workers said this week.
The storage facility is planned for a space at 401 S. Front Street and will allow up to 60 people to use roughly 60-gallon containers to store their items. Funding for the development of the facility comes from Measure H, a Los Angeles County sales tax initiative for homelessness services passed in 2017, and federal grants.
City staff members also reported during the homelessness update at the City Council meeting on Tuesday that they are working on a potential site at 322-323 S. Front Street that could be converted to a temporary housing shelter. However, officials have not yet decided what to do with the property.
Burbank has seen less of an increase in its number of unhoused persons compared to the county, representatives added, and dozens of people have been reunified with families or placed in shelter or housing recently. But municipal employees also said that they don’t have enough staff dedicated to homelessness.
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