Obituary- Linda Jean O’Hair

Linda Jean O’Hair

On Tuesday, August 18, Linda Jean O’Hair passed away after courageously battling cancer. She was at home surrounded by her devoted husband Don, their son Michael, and their three grandchildren, Winston, Madison and Morgan Thornbury. Don and his grandchildren had cared for Linda round the clock in her final week, in her custom-built La Cañada home. She wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Linda was born and raised in Glendale to parents Jean and Don Abbott. She had one sibling, a younger sister named Sherrill. In 1959 Linda met a tall, handsome man named Don O’Hair, and they ended up spending 61 wonderful years together. On their first date, he made it abundantly clear “I’m going to marry you!” There was one slight problem, Linda was already engaged. But, persistent Don won her heart and they married in March 1960. In a short time she delivered two beautiful children into this world, Michael Don O’Hair and Laura Lynn O’Hair.
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School Friends on a Mission to Help People, Environment

Glendale High School graduates Felipe Arias and James Mizuki recently joined forces to give new clothes to women at the Los Angeles Mission Women’s Shelter.
Photo courtesy James Mizuki

Though they largely grew up together, two Glendale High School graduates led widely divergent paths after grade school but were recently drawn together by a mutual need to give back.
And so the two young men — James Mizuki and Felipe Arias — got together last Saturday and gave out hundreds of items of clothing to the ladies who stepped off of Skid Row for a moment and paid a visit to the Los Angeles Mission Women’s Shelter.
“We ended up giving out eight full boxes of clothes, which probably translates to 350-400 items. It was just really positive overall,” said Mizuki, a 2011 graduate of GHS. “This ‘word-of-mouth’ buzz started happening and we had a lot of people show up. People were really looking out for their friends that day.”
The clothes were manufactured by iToo Clothing, which was formed in large part by Mizuki’s childhood friend Arias, who graduated from GHS in 2012; the pair both attended Wilson Middle School and played football together at GHS. While Mizuki enrolled in Cal State Northridge to study communications, Arias traveled to Hong Kong in lieu of his original plan to join the U.S. Coast Guard, where he ultimately linked himself to clothing manufacturing in China.
As fate would have it, Arias’ company has a location near Skid Row, so right away he thought of donation opportunities when he discovered a backlog of clothing thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and recalled a conversation he had with Mizuki about a nonprofit endeavor he was building.
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