Obituary | Jody Fullerton

Jody Fullerton

Jody Fullerton was living comfortably in her Paso Robles apartment when a fall led to medical complications, which brought about her death on January 2, 2021. In recent years she had been in fine physical health and in good spirits.
Roberta Joan “Jody” Fullerton (née Weiler) was born in the small farm town of Wanatah, Indiana on April 16th 1927. While her mother worked in the “big” city of Chicago, their grandparents raised Jody, her older brother and younger sister. Growing up in a small midwestern town during the Depression made a lasting impact on Jody. She lived her life with frugality and a distaste for highfalutin’ propensity that was, in most cases, welcomed by her family. As a young girl Jody was a bit of a tomboy and enjoyed playing sports with her brother and his friends. She spent her summers swimming in the local creek and her school years attending 1st through 12th grades in the one school in town where she graduated from High School in 1945 in a class of 12 students.

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