Project’s Goal: Non-Threatening Community Dialogue on Race

Photo courtesy California African American Museum
A New York Film Academy instructor and the Burbank Human Relations Council in November will hold Race Relay, an event intended to share the experiences that local community members have had with racism. An earlier iteration of the event, pictured here, was held about two years ago by USC and the California African American Museum.

When Andrew Williams’ mother moved to Burbank, he said, the first thing her neighbors told her was that they “didn’t want any trouble.” They said Black people such as herself hadn’t been allowed to live there until some time ago, he added.
Still, Williams said in a recent interview, his mother’s choice to live in what Burbank officials recognized last year as a former “sundown town” — communities that had policies excluding non-white ethnic groups — was one of survival. She was tired of living in cities where violence was more common, Williams explained, and wanted a better environment for her children. Continue reading “Project’s Goal: Non-Threatening Community Dialogue on Race”