Huntington Hospital Announces New and Returning Board Members


Huntington Hospital has announced that community leader Mei-Lee Ney and physician Dr. Peter Rosenberg have been elected new board members, and Sharon Arthofer and R. Scott Jenkins have been elected as returning board members.
“I’m so pleased to welcome Mei-Lee, Dr. Rosenberg, Sharon and Scott to the board of directors,” said Dr. Lori J. Morgan, president and CEO at Huntington Hospital. “Each of these individuals bring deep knowledge and perspective to our board. I’m grateful for their commitment to advancing compassionate, excellent health care in our community, particularly in these unprecedented times.”
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Pasadena Food Hug Delivers 500 Meals to Huntington Hospital ‘Healthcare Heroes’

Photo courtesy Pasadena Food Hug
Trisha Muse (left), founder of the Pasadena Food Hug program, delivered more than 500 meals to Huntington Hospital’s Stacy Miller to help feed the hospital’s “Healthcare Heroes.” The program, which received a recently $6,000 donation from the Pasadena Host Lions Club, is presented by the Latino Restaurant Association.

The Latino Restaurant Association’s (LRA) Pasadena Food Hug Program recently delivered meals to more than 500 healthcare heroes from Huntington Hospital. The meals were made possible thanks to a $6,000 donation from the Pasadena Host Lions Club to the program. Since its launch last August, the program has raised nearly $80,000 and delivered more than 5,300 meals to essential workers across Pasadena in more than 30 industries, including healthcare, first responders, utilities, grocery and retail, senior living/nursing homes, and nonprofits.
“Pasadena Host Lions Club is honored to serve the community by providing the Latino Restaurant Association this grant in support of its Pasadena Food Hug Program,” said Donna Pomerantz, president of the Pasadena Host Lions Club. “Our motto is, ‘Together We Serve.’ What an exceptional way to make our corner of the world a better place by recognizing our frontline heroes while supporting small business simultaneously.”
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Huntington Hospital Sues on Conditions Imposed on Affiliation

A lawsuit filed by Huntington Hospital and Cedars-Sinai Health System on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court against the California Department of Justice and the office of the attorney general will challenge the “unprecedented conditions” imposed on them as a result of their proposed affiliation.
The conditions imposed by the attorney general would jeopardize Huntington’s and Cedars-Sinai’s ability to meet the community’s need for access to coordinated, specialized healthcare; lower costs; and provide resources needed for Huntington Hospital to continue critical clinical programs and services for its patients, the two entities said in a joint statement.
The proposed affiliation was announced in March 2020.
“We are shocked at the unprecedented over-reach of the conditions being imposed,” said Huntington Hospital President/CEO Dr. Lori Morgan. “Rather than benefitting our community, the conditions primarily benefit health insurance companies.”
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Stay Alert, Because Journey to Defeat Virus Continues

Dr, Lori Morgan

By Dr. Lori Morgan
Special to the Outlook

To our valued patients, friends, colleagues, partners and community members:
Are we there yet? I remember my son asking that question when a long car trip seemed endless and he was restless to get free of the constraints of his car seat. From the driver’s seat, I was sympathetic but firm for everyone’s safety. In that sense, COVID-19 has been one long, frightful car ride — a journey that has left many of us forever changed. With a vaccine on the horizon, our destination is now in sight — however, we are most definitely not there yet.
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New Vice President of DEI Named at Huntington Hospital

Huntington Hospital recently named Pamela Weatherspoon as vice president of Enterprise Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, a new role within the organization. She will begin Dec. 21.
Weatherspoon has been charged with advancing Huntington’s family of services with a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. She will partner with leaders across the organization to develop and promote a cross functional/departmental strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) that advances patient experience and education, overall quality of care and workforce culture, engagement and representation goals.
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Young & Healthy’s Oktoberfest Gala Is Oct. 2

Photo by Keira Wight / OUTLOOK
Young & Healthy Board President Sandy Roberts, Executive Director Mary Donnelly-Crocker, 2020 honoree Allison Dietrick and Carrie Walker are pictured at last year’s Young & Healthy gala. This year’s annual fundraiser, a virtual event, will be livestreamed on Friday, Oct. 2.

Young & Healthy, the Pasadena-area nonprofit, is putting a German twist on its gala. The annual fundraiser on Friday evening, Oct. 2, will have an Oktoberfest theme.
“We have reimagined our event, which will consist of contact-free delivery of a delicious German dinner and a virtual family-friendly, livestreamed fundraising program to enjoy in the comfort of your home,” an event spokesperson said.
Young & Healthy’s mission is to provide access to high-quality health care for uninsured and underserved children and families, and to improve the quality of life for all children in the Greater Pasadena area through prevention, education and enhanced health care services. Since the organization’s founding in 1989, Young & Healthy has provided $22,087,680 in volunteer medical services, cared for 27,702 patients, and currently boasts 330 volunteer medical professionals.
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Huntington Hospital CEO Addresses Community

Dr. Lori J. Morgan

By Dr. Lori J. Morgan
Special to the Outlook

Given all that our community – and state, nation and world – has been through over the past couple of months, I wanted to share some of the remarkable stories about Huntington and our greater community that have emerged from everyone’s heroic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Fighting Pandemic ‘What We Signed Up For’

San Marino resident Dr. Madhu Anvekar, second from right, leads Huntington Hospital’s medical and administrative response to the COVID pandemic. Dhilan Anvekar (from left), Dr. Alexis Anvekar, Jayan Anvekar, Dr. Madhu Anvekar and Leela Anvekar.

These days, Dr. Madhu Anvekar spends about as much time at Huntington Hospital as he does in his San Marino home.
Even when he is able to get a few hours away from the hospital, that doesn’t mean he can spend substantial time with his family.
“Actually, this last week is the first time in quite a while that I have been able to see them,” said Anvekar, as he prepared for another in an endless line of shifts.
Trained in internal medicine, Anvekar is director of the hospital medicine program at Huntington, where he and his team of 12 are charged with caring for every COVID-19 patient in the hospital, excepting those in the intensive care unit. Concurrently, he serves on the COVID-19 response team, assisting in devising strategies to implement the massive administrative changes and planning necessary to address the pandemic. Continue reading “Fighting Pandemic ‘What We Signed Up For’”

Local Business Pair Donate $50k, Urge Others to Join Effort

As the grim reality of an unraveling economy begins to grip Pasadena, with nearly 20 million Americans filing for unemployment aid since coronavirus precautions have shut down businesses, many local nonprofit organizations have been scrambling to put emergency services into place and ramp up operations to meet the rise in needs, from food insecurity to homelessness to social services.
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