LCF Church Leaders Seek to Serve During Pandemic

Outlook Valley Sun file photo
Local church leaders occasionally meet with educational representatives to discuss the socio-emotional well-being of students and their families. However, these days, they meet on Zoom.

Associate Pastor Chuck Osburn of La Cañada Presbyterian Church has three points he wants to make about the COVID-19 pandemic.
First, he said in a recent phone interview, he doesn’t believe God caused the pandemic. Second, crises such as diseases are nothing new to the history of the Christian church. And third, this is a time for Christians to serve, to “call on people and remind them that God is for them … because we believe that ourselves.”
That final point in particular is something that is echoed by many of La Cañada Flintridge’s church leaders who have voiced a desire to serve a city that, like many, is grappling with the emotional and mental effects of a global pandemic.
And those leaders aren’t just speaking individually. Since 2017, LCF pastors and other church representatives have met a few times a year, when responsibilities and busy schedules allow, often over lunch to talk about their congregations.
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