City Council Commits $1.3 Million to GCC for Housing

Thanks to financial help from the city, Glendale Community College will be able to include housing financial assistance among its other offerings under its Fresh Success programming.
The City Council committed $1.309 million in funding to GCC at a special meeting this week, held jointly with the city’s Housing Authority. The money comes from the city’s Measure S sales tax and is being transmitted through that fund’s newly created Low Income Student Rental Assistance Program. The college is essentially being contracted to run that program.
“The bulk of the program — approximately 98% of it — is going to be given to the responsibility of GCC to administer it,” explained Peter Zovak, the city’s assistance director of community development.

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City Strives to Attract Landlords to Section 8 Program

City housing officials plan to roll out a series of incentive grants meant to draw more residential landlords into the federal Section 8 program as it affects Glendale, with help from a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Additionally, the Glendale Housing Division will employ a portion of the funds to design and implement an online portal for those in the program to use, with the goal of improving service rendered to the landlords and their tenants. The initiatives were prepared after the city received $384,357 in a second round of HUD funding stemming from the CARES Act.
The Glendale City Council approved the measures during a meeting with the city’s Housing Authority on Tuesday. The four grants are designed to either spur new landlords to enter into Section 8 contracts, return to the program — aimed at serving lower-income renters — after past participation or reward their continuing participation.

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