Language Books Find Home in Little Free Libraries at Franklin

Photo courtesy Elizabeth Vitanza
Franklin Elementary School mom Elizabeth Vitanza showcases French books she has contributed to the French little free library outside of the school.

When schools closed across the board in March, children immediately felt the loss of a storied amenity of youth and education — their school libraries.
That loss became especially pronounced for dual immersion students, whose days spent learning and conversing in their target languages are frequently complemented by reading literature in that language. Unless individual schools were able to organize the resources for a book drop-off system, there was no access to those free books.
Franklin Elementary School — home to Spanish, German, Italian and French dual immersion in Glendale Unified School District — found a way around that, thanks to its school foundation.
“Having access to books in those target languages is important,” explained Elizabeth Vitanza, a Franklin parent who is a French teacher at the Marlborough School in Los Angeles. “With COVID, and moving to distance learning this year, I was thinking in the spring, ‘How do we get books to these kids?’ Our kids would bring home different books every week.

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