Pandemic Prompts Parents to Reinvent Halloween Traditions

Photo by Christian Leonard / Burbank Leader
Rosa and Mike Maldonado usually plan and host a haunted maze through their property for Halloween, with lines of visitors sometimes stretching around their house. Due to the pandemic, passersby will be able only to walk or drive by the exhibit, which has a Salem witch trial theme.

Rosa Maldonado’s house is known as “the one that scares people.”
Every Halloween, she and her family celebrate by turning their yard on the corner of West Clark Avenue and North Sparks Street into a haunted maze, complete with costumed scarers. Over the past several years, themes have included cannibals, a circus and La Llorona — “the weeping woman” of Latin American folklore.
On guests’ way out, they’re given the opportunity to donate to a charity the Maldonados have chosen for that year. It’s a reflection of a major reason why Halloween is so important to them: It was the favorite holiday of Rosa Maldonado’s stepdaughter, who died of cancer when she was 8 years old.

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