Post-Election, Former Candidates Remain Civic-Minded

The election may be over, but for the four candidates who weren’t elected to the City Council, it certainly isn’t the end of the line when it comes to helping out their community.
In many ways, it’ll be back to business as usual for them. All seven of the City Council candidates for the election two weeks ago were involved in a variety of local charities, clubs and nonprofits when they declared, and while the three victors will take the next step as elected officials, their four friendly opponents will simply take what they’ve always done to the next level. Continue reading “Post-Election, Former Candidates Remain Civic-Minded”

New Council Members to Help Tackle Hiring Procedures

As far back as anyone can remember, city managers have appointed and dismissed department heads without “concurrence” from the City Council, which is required in San Marino.
At last week’s City Council meeting, City Manager Marcella Marlowe told council members that they must address the issue and end the longstanding procedural gaffe, which she said potentially leaves the city exposed to legal liability. Continue reading “New Council Members to Help Tackle Hiring Procedures”

Three Fresh Faces Elected to City Council Seats

The City Council’s makeover that began two years ago is officially complete, after voters elected to send Gretchen Shepherd Romey, Ken Ude and Susan Jakubowski to the three seats being vacated next month.
According to a preliminary count from the Los Angeles County Registrar, the three candidates were elected decisively among a field of seven. Shepherd Romey, a lawyer; Ude, a businessman; and Jakubowski, a former business owner and county bureaucrat, will tentatively take their seats next month. Continue reading “Three Fresh Faces Elected to City Council Seats”

City Council Hopefuls Seek Your Vote Nov. 7

Following a series of profiles on the seven candidates for San Marino City Council in the Nov. 7 election, The Outlook asked the candidates to submit their own statements reaching out to prospective voters.
Candidates were asked to keep statements within 400 words, but were otherwise given freedom on message, format and style. In the interest of fairness, as with the profiles, the statements are run in alphabetical order. Continue reading “City Council Hopefuls Seek Your Vote Nov. 7”