Arrested After Pursuit, Man Charged With Attempted Home Burglary

A Rosamond man who was arrested by San Marino police officers last week is believed to have been an accomplice of two people seen trying to break into a Robles Avenue home, authorities said.
The man, suspected by police of being the lookout and getaway driver for the alleged scheme, was released from the Alhambra jail on bail after being charged with attempted residential burglary and evading police by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Continue reading “Arrested After Pursuit, Man Charged With Attempted Home Burglary”

Reports of Crime Fell in 2018, Police Chief Says

Statistics indicate San Marino experienced an overall decrease in crime last year, including significant drops in the number of residential and commercial burglaries from the previous year.
According to the 2018 crime stats prepared by Police Chief John Incontro, the San Marino Police Department had 84 reports of burglary in 2018, down from 125 in 2017. Of those 84 burglaries, 76 were residential and eight were commercial. Continue reading “Reports of Crime Fell in 2018, Police Chief Says”

Woman Dies After Car Crashes Into Tree

San Marino police continue to investigate a single-vehicle collision that occurred Monday morning and led to a woman’s death.
The 83-year-old victim, whose name was still being withheld Tuesday at The Outlook’s press deadline, was driving an older-model Volvo that collided with a tree near the intersection of Lorain and Windsor roads at around 9:40 a.m. Monday. She died after being transported to Huntington Hospital by first responders. Continue reading “Woman Dies After Car Crashes Into Tree”

Classes to Teach Residents About Police Operations

The San Marino Police Department invites residents interested in learning more about law enforcement to sign up for its new Community Police Academy that begins in November.
The academy, also called the CPA, is a six-week program of classes designed to give insight into SMPD operations and background in general law enforcement, in a relatively casual environment. Classes will cover broad topics such as investigative procedures and address contemporary issues such as police officers’ use of force while responding to incidents. Continue reading “Classes to Teach Residents About Police Operations”

For Homegrown Officer, Job Really Is Community Policing

Kenric Wu
Kenric Wu

Cpl. Kenric Wu is his formal name and title, but “Ken” works just fine for him.
Having grown up and gone through school here, the 14-year veteran of the San Marino Police Department is used to being addressed by the shortened name, he said. A lot of the people he sees in town have known him since he was a kid.
“I see people all the time who really know me,” he said. “Being a part of the community gives me an insight as to how people here act. Me going to all the schools, I know a lot of the older teachers here as well. You grow up here, you have the affinity and bond with the people here.” Continue reading “For Homegrown Officer, Job Really Is Community Policing”