Funny, Tender ‘Nativity! The Musical’ Comes to the Screen

Photos courtesy Shane Arenal
The film’s executive producer, Sydney Baldwin, also plays the Star of Bethlehem.

With its principal characters — from Mary, Joseph and their swaddled babe, to the innkeeper without vacancy, flock-watching shepherds, camel-riding magi, angelic seraphim and cherubim, and lowing cattle — Gospel writers Matthew and Luke provided an account of the first Christmas that has stood the test of time as the historical documentation of Christ’s birth.
Then, in 2005, after two millenniums, along came Greg and Melissa Baldwin.
A husband-and-wife team who headed the drama ministry at Burbank’s Westminster Presbyterian Church, the Baldwins believed the age-old story was in need of a little updating, one that included a cornucopia of odd characters, non sequiturs, puns, pop culture and current-event references, parodies of show tunes and pop hits, and Borscht Belt one-liners.

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