Thursday Club Celebrates 65 Years of Debutantes

Photos courtesy La Cañada Thursday Club
The 2017 provisionals include Sydney Lew, Grace Marchosky, Megan Gmelich, Lauren Gilmore, Reagan Meyer and Eleana Melehani.

At the Thursday Club tea earlier this month, members celebrated 65 years of their Les Fleurettes Debutante Program.
The afternoon started with a history and slideshow of the many years of debutantes, pointing out the program’s changes (especially in the styles of gowns and hair!) and lasting similarities. The Thursday Club debutante program is a tradition-based program put on by the members of the club. However, the debutante committee strives to keep it relevant and current. New personal development classes include social media etiquette and downsides, along with personal safety instructions at home and away at college.

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