Council Tables Discussion of Possible Burbank Health Agency

Burbank will not be considering the feasibility of creating its own public health department anytime soon, City Council members decided this week.
The panel voted Tuesday to push the discussion of the feasibility study back six months, with some members believing that the $25,000 that city officials estimated the study would cost could be better spent elsewhere — particularly since it was highly unlikely Burbank could break away from the county health department before the pandemic ended.
In June, then-Councilman Tim Murphy asked city staff members to bring back a potential feasibility study on creating a public health officer role, citing confusion some residents were having about the hierarchy of health departments.

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Former Council Members Reflect on Their Service

In March 2019, the Burbank City Council voted 4-1 to approve the Avion Project, a business park near the Hollywood Burbank Airport. Only Councilman Tim Murphy voted against it, concerned that the new hotel included in the project would worsen traffic in the area.
“I don’t know about you, but [if] you’re driving in your car, you’re sitting in the intersection for five or six lights, that’s not good,” Murphy said about the vote recently. The council member lost his bid for reelection this year, leaving the panel along with colleague Emily Gabel-Luddy, who decided not to run for reelection.
Thinking back to the same vote, Gabel-Luddy said she was “totally mystified” by Murphy’s standpoint, arguing that hotels don’t generate much travel.
But, as both said while reflecting on their time on the council, disagreements between members were always left behind.
“I didn’t take a sack on my back and fill it with grudges against council members who didn’t vote my way,” Gabel-Luddy added.

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Konstantine, Schultz Lead as Ballot Counting Winds Down

With Los Angeles County election officials whittling down the number of ballots remaining to be counted, the leads of Burbank City Council candidates Konstantine Anthony and Nick Schultz late this week showed little sign of fading.
Anthony and Schultz have led the race for the two open City Council seats since the first wave of results was announced on Election Day. With 17,448 votes as of this Tuesday, the most recent count available, Anthony’s place as a presumed council member-elect seemed unshakable.

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