Reynolds Selected Woman of Year By State Senator

Dr. Roberta Reynolds

Dr. Roberta Reynolds, a local resident who has served on the Burbank Board of Education since 2007 and recently completed her third term as its president, has been selected by state Sen. Anthony Portantino as the 25th State Senate District’s Woman of the Year, it has been announced.
Each year, the California Legislature recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding women during Women’s History Month. This year, the ceremony was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Reynolds has previously served as PTSA president at Burbank High School, president of Burbank Council PTA, vice president of the First District PTA, and Reflections chairperson for First District PTA. Reynolds has been the recipient of a PTA Honorary Service Award from the Burbank High School PTSA, Burbank Council PTA, and First District PTA.
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Burbank Eviction Ordinance Extended Until May 31

The Burbank City Council has extended its Urgency Ordinance, initially approved on March 17, prohibiting the evictions of residential and commercial tenants for non-payment of rent caused by the coronavirus. The ordinance is retroactive to May 1 and allows both residential and specified commercial tenants to defer rent until Nov. 30.
On April 21, the City Council had voted to not extend the moratorium but adopted another urgency ordinance changing the repayment of back rent due, including late fees and/or penalties and interest, if any, to Nov. 30. This week’s decision reverses the sunset of the moratorium. (The Rent Repayment Ordinance terms adopted on April 21 did not change.)
Additionally, the City Council added restrictions to the applicability of the ordinance to exclude commercial property leased by a tenant that is a multi-national company, a publicly traded company, or a company that is not eligible for the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. These types of companies were able to invoke the moratorium in April but will be excluded in the new ordinance currently in affect for May.
The County of Los Angeles also has an eviction moratorium that applies to cities which do not have their own eviction moratorium. With the extension of Burbank’s Eviction Moratorium Ordinance, the L.A. County Moratorium Order does not apply in Burbank.

Boys & Girls Club Cares for ‘Essential’ Children Amid Crisis

Photos courtesy Boys & Girls Club
Children have been taught to enact “social distance” play and learning at Boys & Girls Club of Burbank and Greater East Valley, which is caring for children of workers who must report to their jobs.

As schools closed mid-March to transition to online learning in accordance with the statewide measures aimed to slow the spread of COVID-19, local resident Bonnie Botero eyed with alarm as her friends and neighbors began preparing home offices to work remote while their children learned close by.
Day care facilities had closed in cascading unison, including that of her 6-year-old son’s after-school care facility. Botero, who is considered an essential worker, was left scrambling as to how to care for her active boy while she worked shifts of up to 12 hours per day. Her husband, while working from home, had to be plugged into his computer for hours on end in order to keep his employment.
The couple took all the vacation and personal leave they could to try to cover the gaps, but it wasn’t close to enough, and the parents felt they were failing miserably: “He would wake up crying, he was having panic attacks … we were trying to supplement activities during the day but it just wasn’t enough. He was just on his own.” Continue reading “Boys & Girls Club Cares for ‘Essential’ Children Amid Crisis”

Burbank Leader Purchased By Local Company

The Burbank Leader, Glendale News-Press, and La Cañada Valley Sun have been purchased by Outlook Newspapers group, it has been announced. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
California Times, the parent company of the Los Angeles Times and previous owner of the three local newspapers, recently announced that the publications were to be closing due to the challenging business environment and unforeseen economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.
“We are thrilled to have acquired three iconic newspapers with deep roots and historic legacies in their respective communities,” local publisher Charlie Plowman said. “I heard the outpouring from local residents, as to how much they love these publications, and want to support them. Continue reading “Burbank Leader Purchased By Local Company”

Estate Donates $300,000 to Friends of Burbank Public Library

The Friends of the Burbank Public Library recently announced that it received a donation of nearly $300,000 from the estate of long-time member and volunteer Jane Mulder.
Mulder, who died in 2019, was a charter member of the Friends of the Library organization, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The organization is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting Burbank Public Library programming and services via fundraising activities. Continue reading “Estate Donates $300,000 to Friends of Burbank Public Library”

BUSD Plans Online Summer School; Aug. 17 School Start

In a letter published to its website this week, Superintendent Matt Hill tempered expectations floated by Gov. Gavin Newsom of an earlier calendar start for schools, and stressed that Burbank Unified School District officials remain busy planning for the 2020-21 school year.
Earlier this week, Newsom suggested that the state’s school districts could potentially reopen to students earlier than scheduled as part of the effort to ease out of the distance learning and make up for any learning loss that has occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading “BUSD Plans Online Summer School; Aug. 17 School Start”

New Owner To Give Burbank Leader ‘Some Good News’

State Sen. Anthony Portantino
State Sen. Anthony Portantino

By Anthony Portantino
Special to Burbank Leader

Folks needed some good news and the continued publication of the Burbank Leader and Glendale News-Press was just what the doctor had ordered. Every small town needs a forum for local news and community interests to be covered and discussed. The absence of a community newspaper makes robust public discourse far more difficult and far less public.
The announcement by the L.A. Times that the Leader and News-Press were originally to be closed deeply affected Burbank and Glendale. Residents and business owners expressed disappointment and fear that issues which would benefit from the sunshine provided by local media coverage would be kept out of the public forum. Continue reading “New Owner To Give Burbank Leader ‘Some Good News’”

New Tool Highlights Coronavirus Test and Death Counts

Photo courtesy Anthony Portantino State Sen. Anthony Portantino, shown here at a prior speaking event, recently discussed how lawmakers were planning recovery from the pandemic.
Photo courtesy Anthony Portantino
State Sen. Anthony Portantino, shown here at a prior speaking event, recently discussed how lawmakers were planning recovery from the pandemic.

Information from a new dashboard unveiled by Los Angeles County officials this week indicated that as of Friday, 26 Burbank residents had succumbed to the coronavirus.
Additionally, a total of 960 residents had been tested for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and 241 were confirmed to be infected. The figures, which are produced by the L.A. County Department of Public Health, only reflect how many tests were positive and do not reflect patient recoveries or possible reinfection. Continue reading “New Tool Highlights Coronavirus Test and Death Counts”

Newspaper’s ‘Remarkable Legacy’ Will Be Preserved

Charlie Plowman
Charlie Plowman

For 112 years, Burbank residents have been able to read, enjoy, admire and sometimes disagree with what has appeared in their community newspaper, the Burbank Leader (formerly known as the Burbank Review).
I am pleased to be the new publisher of this esteemed publication, having been passed that torch by the previous owner, the California Times (the parent company of the Los Angeles Times).
When it was announced about two weeks ago that the final issue of The Leader was upcoming, I simply couldn’t bear to see that happen. I felt that this newspaper’s remarkable legacy, dating back to 1908, needed to be preserved. To put the Burbank Leader launch in historical perspective, Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States, having followed William McKinley. As a nation, we were a little less than a decade away from becoming involved in World War I. That’s quite a history. Continue reading “Newspaper’s ‘Remarkable Legacy’ Will Be Preserved”