Mary Ashe Papac | Obituary


Mary Ashe Papac

Mary Ashe Papac, a loving wife and a devoted mother, was born April 12, 1960, to her parents Richard Gavin and Alice Dorgan in Chicago, Illinois. Mary passed away peacefully on January 13, 2021, after her courageous battle with lung cancer.
She is one of four siblings, including her brothers Richard Gavin, Daniel Gavin, and her sister Cheryl Gavin. Mary leaves behind numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles. In addition to her siblings, Mary is survived by her loving husband Michael Andrew Papac and her twin daughters Claire Marie and Catherine Paris Papac.
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Charles Doud | Obituary

Charles O’Reilly Doud

Charles O’Reilly Doud, patriarch, husband, father, grandfather, cowboy, and friend to many, passed away in the early morning of March 18, 2021, surrounded by his wife Anne and extensive family at their residence in La Cañada, CA.
Known more affectionately by family and friends as Charlie, Chuck, Gertrude, No-Neck, Oso or nicknames not fit to print here, he was a gentle bear of a man, larger than life with a smile that welcomed all whom he met and an all-enveloping handshake that tested one’s threshold for pain and endurance.
Charlie was born in Oxnard, CA, on January 21, 1932, to parents J. Robert and Laura Doud, and grew up with siblings Jim, Geraldine, and Sally and many Doud and McGrath cousins in the Oxnard area. A gifted athlete, Charlie attended Villanova Prep in Ojai where he became an outstanding lineman and exemplary teammate.
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LCF Residents Rally Against Anti-Asian Discrimination

Outlook photo
Taking a stand against a recent surge in xenophobia, hate and violent acts against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, about 100 local parents and children walked in solidarity last Friday. The group, holding signs reading “Love Not Hate” and “Hate Is the Virus,” hoped to promote awareness and show support for the nationwide “Asian American Day of Action.” Demonstrators walked around Memorial Park and then marched to the intersection of Angeles Crest Highway and Foothill Boulevard.

City Planning Commission Suggests More ADU Restrictions

The La Cañada Flintridge Planning Commission held a special meeting last week to discuss updates and possible changes to the city’s zoning code.
The city has been working with consultants from CityPlanning to organize part 11.4 of the zoning code, which pertains to special regulations.
The consultants — organized the section by making each use — whether it’s permitted or requires discretionary review — into its own chapter to keep it consistent with the formatting of other chapters.
One of the biggest topics of discussion was the first chapter dealing with accessory dwelling units. One issue was the possibility of a homeowner reconverting an ADU to their home to add square footage and later adding another ADU.
“What I don’t want is people utilizing this to just increase the size of their home,” said Commissioner Jeffrey McConnell. “It’s just a way to get around our FAR [floor-area ratio] by 800 sq. feet. … I’m not against somebody who’s adding an ADU that is within their FAR.”
Commissioner Mark Kindhouse agreed and reminded the public of the purpose of ADUs.
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LCHS Seniors Celebrate Return to Campus; Rose Bowl Graduation

Photo by Mary Emily Myers / Outlook Valley Sun
La Cañada High School’s student government members, who were among the seniors on campus yesterday in preparation for their official return to school, include (front row, from left) Senior Class President Seema Kayali, JT Salcido, ASB President Andrew Han, Colin Melillo, Andrew Chi, Ben Lee and Emaan Qazi. Back: Gordon Cucullu, Alison Flynn, Keaton Comstock and Cari James.

After more than a year of isolation and cancelled activities, it felt like a triumphant return to La Cañada High School for seniors on Wednesday with more promising days ahead: a return to limited on-campus learning, a slew of scheduled fun activities and an in-person graduation ceremony to be held at the Rose Bowl for the senior class of 2021.
During the “Seniors Return to School” event held outdoors at Spartan Stadium, about 150 seniors excitedly gathered to learn details about the remaining end-of-year activities, procedures for graduation and, above all, to absorb some inspiration to fight off what’s become known as Zoom gloom.

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School Board Discusses Students’ Return to LCHS

The La Cañada Unified School District is one of the few districts in Los Angeles County to have brought young learners back for limited in-person learning last November and remained open during an alarming pandemic surge. It has since welcomed the remainder of its elementary school students and is in the process of having students in grades 7-12.
However, that good news, which was presented during an LCUSD governing board meeting on Tuesday, quickly soured when a number of La Cañada Flintridge parents voiced their frustrations over the district’s approach to reopening and asked the governing board to consider a full reopening with five days of in-person instruction.
Superintendent Wendy Sinnette assured community members that the district is committed to fully reopening with a regular bell schedule for the 2021-22 school year and will continue to find a way to expand in-person instruction for the final few months of the current semester. However, she added that such a task cannot be accomplished if parents continue to harass her and staff with messages.
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Residents Rally for Solidarity Amid Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

In the wake of last week’s shootings at Atlanta-area spas, leaving eight people dead — six of them Asian women — a recent surge of xenophobia, hate and violent incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the nation is coming to light, and La Cañada Flintridge residents want to stand in solidarity.
As part of the nationwide call for an “Asian American Day of Action,” this Friday, LCF resident and La Cañada Elementary School mom Nirosha Ruwan is planning a family-friendly walk from the school to Memorial Park to recognize the rise of anti-Asian harassment and violence witnessed since the beginning of the pandemic. The event will be “kid-driven and kid-centric,” she said.
“We are trying to raise awareness in La Cañada and elsewhere, where people might not really understand that this is happening,” Ruwan said. “This is such a huge issue and we want to make sure kids and families know about it and that we stand in solidarity, that we will take a stand and not tolerate the rise of these incidents, as well as empower our kids to stand up when they see injustices.”
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Marta Bertero O’Rourke | Obituary

Marta Bertero O’Rourke

Marta Bertero O’Rourke, 69, passed away at her home on March 19, 2021. Born August 7, 1951, the last of four daughters to Jules F. Bertero, MD, and Mary L. Bertero of Santa Maria, California, Marta grew up amidst the strawberry fields of the Central Valley. She attended St. Joseph’s High School before attending Lone Mountain College (now part of USF) in San Francisco.

During her junior year, she spent a fateful year abroad in Italy where she studied at Loyola University of Chicago, Rome Center. It was here that she met Pat O’Rourke, a Chicago native. This led to a long-distance romance when they returned to the states to complete college.

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Tribute To Late School Board Member Will Benefit Cancer Research

Photo courtesy Reynolds family
A GoFundMe page to benefit childhood cancer has been set up to honor Meredith Reynolds, who passed away Feb. 24. She served as a La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board member and was the first female board president of the LCF Educational Foundation in the late 1980s.

Meredith Reynolds, who passed away Feb. 24 at age 67 following decades of service to the community, has had a GoFundMe page set up in her honor to benefit childhood cancer research.
Among her many leadership positions over the decades, she served as a La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board member and was also the first female president of the LCF Educational Foundation in the 1988-89 and 1989-90 school years.
“She was extraordinary in so many ways: scholar, collegiate athlete, lawyer, child advocate, community activist, mentor, counselor, friend, wife and mother,” her husband Tom wrote in a statement. “She will be missed by friends and foes alike.
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Cathay Bank Stands Against Anti-Asian Hate, Discrimination

Cathay Bank has announced a $1 million donation to the Cathay Bank Foundation to support organizations that work to promote diverse communities and combat anti-Asian hate crimes and xenophobia.
Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has witnessed the struggle of Asian American and Pacific Islanders against increased violence and harassment fueled by prejudice, hatred and xenophobia. Recent attacks throughout the country reflect a significant increase in anti-Asian hate crimes.
“Racism and xenophobia are antithetical to our values and an affront to what we stand for,” said Chang M. Liu, Cathay Bank president and CEO. “We believe in the equality of all people, treating them with fairness, empathy and acceptance. We condemn this violence against Asian Americans as well as against other ethnic groups and will continue to work and support efforts for greater equality in our business, community and society.”
Dunson Cheng, executive chairman of the board, echoed Liu’s statement and call to action.
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